Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Year in Review (2007)

I totally stole this from another blog. Loved the idea, so I wanted to do it here too. Here's a summary of our 2007.

Tim started his last year of school
Bought a new car
My cousin miraculously survives being in an avalanche
Rachel announced she's pregnant
Tim finished school & is now a Journeyman Electrician
Ashlee went to the ER with a kidney stone
Tim turns 27 years old
Tim bought a new Quad
Ashlee bought a new treadmill
Ashlee got her wisdom teeth out
Grampa had to go to an assisted living home
Tim fought his first house fire
Jenn announces she's pregnant
Ashlee turns 25 years old
Attended my cousin Kyle's wedding
Attended my cousin Carlene's wedding
Ashlee goes to the ER with fluid on her hip
Spent Thanksgiving in Castlegar with Kimmy & Brendan
New nephew Dallin was born
Celebrated Christmas in BC

Phew, 2007 has exhausted me! Here's hoping 2008 is AWESOME!


Skye and Aaron said...

holy smokes! You have a lot of patience to type that all up!

The Whidden Family said...

I loved reading all those Ashlee! You guys have had a busy year - a few too many hospital trips, though:(
And I agree with Skye: you have so much patience to write all those AND link them to old posts. Way to go

Ashlee said...

Oh no, it's not that I have patience. It's a result of being very bored at work while the boss is out of town.

Kim said...

I sure hope that August 2008 brings a healthy baby into your home!

Carrie said...

Wow! What a busy year! Hope 2008 brings so much happiness and fun for you and Tim!

moosh in indy. said...

so far so good for me on 2008.
This is cool idea except if I were to do it it would involve way too much poop.

*Carly* said...

It's always amazing to look back at a year and see what has happened in such a "small" amount of time. It's funny how we always look forward to a new year when in all reality it is another day but it feels SO good to have that FRESH start and to be able to "put" the past behind us so to speak. Congrats on your sweet peanut that is forming within in you! BTW I Found your blog through Kim ;)