Monday, April 30, 2007

Guess what I got!

I got a holiday trailer. Tim got the quad, but that didn't help with my fear of bears eating me when camping, so now we have a trailer too. Beacause of the quad I wasn't able to get a new (or even a new-ish) trailer -- they're a little too pricey. So last week Tim drove by a trailer with a For Sale sign in it and we went and checked it out. It's old, but has been redone. It's lite enough that our small truck (we don't have a full size truck) can pull it. Saturday afternoon Tim spent redoing the lights and brake wiring (I supervized) and then Sunday evening we wipped it down from top to bottom. We have some more to do to it (paint, etc) but I'm ready to go camping today!!

Yes, it's not fancy but I have a fridge, stove, sink, furnace, and a flush toilet. And it's clean! Sweet orange and yellow eh?
Here's the couch with a bunk above. Those curtains will be replaced and some painting (inside & outside) will be done.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Well it's day seven of the wisdom teeth...and I'm feeling better. I'm able to eat better food now, it just takes me a long time to eat it. After breakfast I decided to go to work. Well my mom asked for some pictures so I guess you'll all get to see me at my finest. Please take into consideration when viewing the photos that the chipmunk cheeks and double chin are a result of swelling. And the yellow bruise on my jawline, I believe, is where the dentist had his knee (okay I'm kidding). Viewer discretion is advised...
Can you see the nice yellow bruise? This is the good side of my face.
Yes, this picture was taken on day seven. Cute eh? Just use your imagination as to how days one through six looked (I won't post those pictures).

The Hair!


I rolled off the couch finally on Saturday afternoon to go upstairs to find out what Tim was up to. I found him standing in the bathroom with a pile of his curls on the floor. He got tired of the hair and cut it off. He said it was too hard to work with hair in his eyes and none of his hats fit him anymore. He's dead sexy to me either way!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wisdom Teeth

Are you freakin' kidding me? A wisdom teeth extraction has been for sure the worst pain I've had so far. Now I've never given birth, but I have had a kidney stone and have had "the paddles" used on me to slow my heart down. I know everyone's different with their wisdom teeth. Tim had a steak dinner two days after his were taken out. And my friend's husband ate corn on the cob the day his were taken out. And then there's me. I've written off soup and yogurt for a good long time. I've had way too much of then these past few days. So I've moved on to soggy pancakes and mashed potatoes. And thanks to Skye for the Frosty from Wendy's tip. I'm pretty sure all the pain killers I'm on are burning a hole in my stomach. I feel nauseated 85% of the day. And the stitches in my mouth are driving me bonkers. It's now day 5 and I'm still so stinkin' swollen I can hardly speak. What the freak! I'd post some pictures of my swollen chipmunk cheeks if they didn't look horrendous.

Yes, yes...I'm complaining. For two weeks I'm not aloud to use the quad, the hot tub, and my new treadmill (which I don't think I told you guys about). And all I want to do is have a bag of chips. However I've now come up with a new fad diet..the Wisdom Teeth. In 3 days I lost 3.5 lbs.

*Let me explain why wisdom teeth are worse than a kidney stone. Now the kidney stone was killer pain, however it only lasted (for me at least) 2 hours. With the wisdom teeth I'm on 5 days of throbbing pain (not killer pain), but FIVE DAYS! And it's still not over.

And the winner is...

....Tim. Yep we bought a quad. We are now the proud owners of a 2007 Kawasaki 650i Brute Force. We love it. It's wicked fun. It's brand spankin' new. They took it out of the crate and put it together just for us last Saturday. It had 0 km on it as all they did was drive it up the ramp into the back of our truck. I haven't been able to use it much cuz of the whole wisdom teeth thing (more on that later), but Tim takes it out every day. Yep, rain or shine...or should I say snow or shine. It's been snowing since Tuesday here (that wet crappy snow) and still Tim takes the dogs out every night after work. I got a text message from Tim when we were at work on Monday asking if I had met his new "second" best friend--Brute Force. He said I'm still his "first" best friend...lucky. However, Tim didn't smile as much on our wedding day as to when he backed that quad out of our truck.

Friday, April 13, 2007

RV vs Quad

Tim and I have decided that since selling his horse we now "need" another toy. We've narrowed our choices down to a holiday trailer or a quad. You can probably even guess what my pick is being that I'm scared spitless of bears and yet love camping. However I don't have a really good argument to put forward for the holiday trailer. All I have is:
1) Bears!
2) It would be way easier to pack all of our crap to go camping.
3) Softer bed than that stupid air mattress that we use in our tent.
4) A fridge would be friggin' awesome while camping.
5) A furnace would sure be nice some cold nights when you can't have a campfire cuz of a fire ban.

Tim's argument against my reasons:
1) We already have a tent.
2) No bears have gotten us yet.
3) I pack too much crap that we don't need already.
4) We don't have kids and therefore don't need a furnace or fridge.
Fine! And then Tim's vote goes towards the quad. Now there's now price difference between the trailers and the quads. The cost is roughly the same. Here are Tim arguments for the quad:
1) Wicked fun!
2) Can be used every month of the year in Southern Alberta (not so with a trailer).
3) We could exercise our dogs using the quad (cuz we wouldn't want to exercise ourselves).
4) Every cool guy around has either a dirt bike or quad (gotta love peer pressure).
5) We could take it camping with our TENT and use all the new trails that have been developed in the mountains for quads (okay I admit that one sounds fun).

And my arguments against:
1) I want a trailer.

Tim and I have surveyed a few people around and I seem to be loosing the battle. Even my own dear mother has chosen Tim's side. The closest I got was my dad who said to buy both--does he think we have oodles of money? However now he is even siding completely with Tim as he called last night to "talk quads" with Tim. At least Tim says that I get to pick the color of the quad.

What do you think? What is your vote?

Tim & I on my dad's quad!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yep I'm Bored!

1.Who was your first prom date? Jared S. (my boyfriend from highschool)
2. Who was your first roommate? Jayna H. (she rocks!)
3. What was your first alcoholic beverage? Still waiting on the first...
4. What was your first job? Weeding a strawberry patch the size of 3 football fields (it sucked)
5. What was your first car? 1980 Plymouth Horizon (I paid $400 for it. Ya it was awesome!)
6. Hey, where's #6
7. Who was your first grade teacher? Mrs. Mader (she came to my wedding)
8. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? With my dad to Kelowna, BC (45 min ride) 9. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with? Rylee, Brett and I would walk to the Y in the road and meet Troy M. & TJ B. somewhere around grade 6 (i think)
10. Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them? Brett & Rylee and yes we're still friends
11. Where was your first sleep over? I dunno...probably at a grandparents when my mom went to the hospital when Kimmy was born. With friends..either Rylee's or Brett's I'm assuming.
12. Who is the first person you talk to in the morning? After yelling at my alarm clock for waking me up...then I tell Tim he'd better hurry up or he'll be late for work.
13. Whose wedding were you in the first time? The first sister Jennifer's, but I have been in many-six actually (Brett, Rylee, Jill, Kimmy, and mine)
14. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Go downstairs and make/pack Tim's lunch
15. What was the first concert you ever went to? I think it was Alan Jackson
16. First tattoo or piercing? I had my ears done at 8 yrs old.
17. First celebrity crush? Benny from The Sandlot
18. First TRUE love? Hmm what is meant by TRUE love? I'm going to say Tim cuz he's the one I married. Obviously I didn't love others like I love him. But if I'm not aloud to use Tim to answer this then....Jared S. from highschool.
19. When was your first detention? Grade 1, but I can't remember why now.
20. What was the name of your first pet? Nikki (black lab cross) and Skunky (a black and white cat)
21. First kiss? Jared S.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter in Fairmont

We went camping at Fairmont Hot Springs for Easter. We had a blast. The weather was amazing. We got so much sun in the pools. We slept in our tent and no bears ate me. It got down to about -5ºC (that's around 23ºF for you Americans), but we were totally warm as we have super nice sleeping bags. We had a little Easter Egg hunt and my niece and nephew loved it. It was a great time. And then we had to come back to work.
**I'm making a weird face in the picture cuz if you look close you'll see my dog just put his dirty paw on my white shirt!**

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Goodbye Old Friend

After 11 years of companionship Tim sold his dear horse, Felize. He decided put an ad in the paper and she sold in a week. He's just been too busy to ride and we couldn't afford to pay board for a horse that we weren't using. We're extremely happy with the price we got and especially happy with the new home she's going to. It's going to a 14 year old girl that has been wanting a horse of her own as she and her siblings fight over the one that they already have. Felize is going to be so spoiled. When they came to pick Felize up yesterday the girl had a smile from ear to ear and just kept hugging Felize. I'm so glad she went to this girl instead of some rough and tumble cowboy. Felize is our baby so we're happy that her new family is going to keep in touch with us and send us pictures from time to time. I kept asking Tim if he was sad because he was selling Felize. He said he'd punch me in the nose if I asked once more....I guess that means no. Well I was sad for him. But now we still have Jet that we need to sell. Do you want a year old colt?

Tim's Party

Well on Saturday I hosted Tim's 27th Birthday/Graduation Party. I fed close to 30 people. We had potatoe, macaroni, and orange cream salads to go along with the chips, pop, hamburgers, and hot dogs. I didn't make a cake, but I did put 27 candles on a Scor chocolate bar trifle. It was a hit with even Tim (who doesn't like cake). So I think Tim had a pretty good birthday.

Monday, April 02, 2007

April Showers?

I thought April showers bring May flowers. April snow brings nothing but tears. I'm so ready for warm weather. Enough of this snow and crappy roads. My sister-in-law and I have to go to a funeral an hour drive out of town today and the roads suck! Tim is making my drive to his shop and switch him vehicles. He said I should take the truck with 4 Wheel Drive as it'll be safer on the roads. Too bad it's so dirty inside. Oh well, better safe and dirty than sorry and clean.

Tim's birthday/graduation party was a hit on Saturday. I'll post more about that later and add some pictures.