Monday, September 22, 2008

Kinsey's Blessing Day & Smiles

Wow, I'm finding it very hard to get some free time to update our blog. I have no clue how someone with little twins and a toddler can do it. I can't keep up and I only have one baby. But I do keep updating the Kinsey Photos album on the side of our blog. So keep checking that.

Kinsey's 3 weeks old now. Time if zipping by and she's growing so much. She's such a good little girl. We love her so much. She smiled yesterday for the first time at her daddy. Love it! I tried to video it today and I kept missing it. But I finally did get it on video, but I apologize for the spit-up at the end of the video. hehe What can ya do eh?

A couple of weekends ago the three of us went into Jaffray to visit Mama & Bupbup (my mom & dad) and the rest of our family. My mom and sister Jenn hosted a baby shower for us there. And on Sunday Kinsey wore her first dress. Actually her first dress was the dress that I was blessed in 26 years ago. Pretty neat eh?

Kinsey (left) and Mommy (right) in Mommy's blessing dress:

And yesterday we had Kinsey's Baby Blessing. I loved the entire day! Kinsey slept through all of it (perfect). Tim gave her such a beautiful blessing. We had such great support from our family and friends for Kinsey. Mama bought Kinsey her blessing dress and it was so beautiful. She looked like a little princess. Auntie Kimmy made her a blessing blanket and Auntie Jenn bought her the little bracelet. Auntie B (Britnee) took me shopping all day Saturday to pick out a new mommy outfit. The day was so perfect. I couldn't have hoped for anything better. (More pics in the Kinsey Photos album.)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Family of Three

I'm pretty slow at updates on our blog. Kinsey and I are still trying to get in the groove and we're missing her daddy like crazy as he's been working nights all week (which means sleeping all day too).

So we were released from the hospital on Labour Day (Monday), but the very next day I landed myself back in the hospital. Tuesday evening I was going to have a nap while Kinsey hung out with Tim and my mom (Mama). But then my heart started racing.

I think I told you before about how I have that stupid heart condition called SVT where for no reason at all my heart speeds up. Usually it lasts only 15-30 seconds and then will stop racing. But this time it wouldn't slow. So off to the ER we went.

My heart was 236 bpm. Fun eh? The doctor tried a bunch of different ways to get my heart to slow. Nothing worked. It probably didn't help that I could hear Kinsey outside of the ER calling for her Mommy. While the doctors consulted, Mom brought Kinsey in to me and it took Mom, Tim, and I all together to get her to nurse while I was hooked up to an IV and had cords and tubes strapped all over me. It was quite the process. But she ate and then Mama left with her again. Once again Trent, Tara, and Blake showed up -- Tim and Trent administered to me again.

Two doctors came in to administer a drug to me. It is one terrible drug. The doctor injects it in my arm and then follows it with a chaser. The whole time I'm awake. The drug goes in...and BAM it stops my heart (yep I flat line), and then the drug wears off and my heart is supposed to start back up at a normal rate. My heart stops for about 7 seconds. Well first try didn't work and it's such a terrible feeling having your heart stop when you're awake. Not painful...just terrible. Kinda heavy. Does that make sense? So the doctor's doubled the dose and we did it again. And it worked!!

I'm so glad the drug worked this time cuz last time my SVT was super bad (3 years ago) the drug didn't work and they ended up having to put me asleep and then use the paddles on me to restart my heart. Now that is painful! Every muscle in my body was sore for days.

Well now we're home again (I was released later that night). And it's so wonderful having Kinsey home with us. What a blessing she is in our lives. No one could ever explain or put in words the love a mommy has for her baby. Kinsey is our world, our everything. I have no clue how Tim and I ever existed without her. I thank my Heavenly Father daily for sending her to us.

Kinsey's First Walk:
Sep5.08_Kinsey's First Walk (5)
Kinsey - One Week Old:
Sep6.08_Kinsey One Week Old (25)
Kinsey's First Time To Church:
Sep7.08_Kinsey's First Church (2)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kinsey's Story

So I'm much more mobile today and thought I'd better take advantage of Daddy being at home to snuggle Kinsey while I told you all how it all happen. Brace yourself...this could be a long story.

At nine days overdue I was REALLY wanting to meet our baby. So after trying every old wives' tale in the book (and I mean them all) to bring on labour we decided to try a different route. Perhaps a little divine intervention should be our next try. Friday morning Tim and I went into Lethbridge to visit Trent, Tara, and Blake. There Tim and Trent administered to me. Then Tim and I came back home to just hang out. We watched a movie and then went for a super long walk as I was feeling really good -- still no pains at all. We went to bed that night and I was a little disappointed. I said to Tim that I wished that something, anything would happen soon. That was at 11:45 pm. I woke up 15 mins later with contractions. My contractions started at 4 minutes apart.

I phoned my Mom cuz I've been told by everyone that in early labour you're to stay at home and tough it out for a while. I told Mom how close my contractions were and she got Tim on the phone and told him get us heading towards Lethbridge. By the time we reached Lethbridge the contractions were 2 minutes apart (plus we had to stop on the side of the road for me to throw-up...nothing like doing that right to the very end of the pregnancy eh?). Trent, Tara, and Blake met us in the parking lot outside of the hospital and I was administered to again.

I was taken to the assessment room where I spent the last 9 days going for Non-Stress Tests and they hooked me up to the machine. I was supposed to be there for 20 mins to see if I was "really" in labour. Well after one contraction and throwing up some more the nurse checked me and I was 7cm dilated. I was moved to a delivery room and they called the on-call doctor as my doctor was camping for the long weekend (nice eh?). After only a handful or so of contractions in the delivery room, it was time to push. I remember opening my eyes and seeing the doctor and the nurse rushing to get ready for my baby that was coming super duper fast.

So 3 hours and 26 minutes after my very first contraction Kinsey Ann was born. Ten days overdue. And weighed 8lbs 8oz and was 21.5" long. She's perfect with ten little fingers and ten little toes. We were surprised with how much hair she had. We're so happy. It's amazing how fast you can love someone. Go check out the Photo Album link on the side of the blog titled "Kinsey Ann". We've posted a ton of pictures in there.

We were released from the hospital Monday afternoon. It was so nice to be at home with Kinsey. We're still working on getting in the groove of things, but we feel so blessed to have her as part of our little family. So very, very blessed!

Ashlee's Pics of Kinsey 204
Ashlee's Pics of Kinsey 266
Ashlee's Pics of Kinsey 396
Ashlee's Pics of Kinsey 451
Ashlee's Pics of Kinsey 455

Monday, September 01, 2008

It's A Girl -- Kinsey Ann

August 30th, 2008
3:26 am
8lb 8oz
21.5" long