Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nilsson Pumpkin Carving Contest

Tim won the contest last year with the haunted house and I won the year before with the scarey face. Let's see about 2007...

Let the voting begin!! Vote for your 1st choice as we don't do 2nd or 3rd places. The winner is all that matters in the Nilsson Pumpkin Carving Contest as 2nd place is just the first loser. The pumpkins have been submitted by Tim Nilsson, Ashlee Nilsson, and Britnee Wright.

Vampire in a Graveyard -- Spider -- Pirate Skeleton
(Click on the photos to enlarge them. Then you'll be able to see the details better.)

Oct31 07_Halloween 033

Oct31 07_Halloween 029

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Puppies Puppies Everywhere

Jayda and Parker got a new little puppy. Their other dog Sadie (who was almost a year old) recently got hit on the road. Jayda was so upset as she has told us all over and over again that Sadie is her best friend. Jayda would spent all day long playing with her. And if she wasn't playing with Sadie then she would pretend to be Sadie.
Here they are with 7 week old Ryder:
DOCUME~1HP_OwnerLOCALS~1Temp2007-10-15 031
And here's Ryder with my sister's pregnant belly:
DOCUME~1HP_OwnerLOCALS~1Temp2007-10-15 049

Fluid on the Joint

Here's a little update on my hip problems:
I've been seeing the doctor weekly. Each week my hip is a little better. It's not even close to 100% though. Sitting is pretty good now. Driving is fine. I can't quite take a full stride when walking yet though. My biggest problem is twisting. Twisting is a no go. Lateral movements are just not happening. There's not really any pain's pretty much just a restriction of motion. And very annoying.

The doctor has been very thorough with me though. I go back and see him again next Tuesday. He's going to see how well it heals on its own, but he said that he won't stop until it perfect again. At my age 99% isn't good enough. So if it does heal all the way on its own then he'll send me to physio. We'll see...

Thanksgiving Weekend

It's been ages right? I know, I know. To be honest I haven't really had anything to post. I've sorta been in a funk this last month and a half...if ya know what I mean. Just been feeling a little blah. Anywho, enough with all of that.

Totally had a blast on Thanksgiving a few weekends back. There was a lot of travelling involved but still so much fun. Friday after work Tim, me, and Britnee (my sister that's living in Lethbridge now) all headed to Jaffray. Well let me back that story up a bit. Thursday night and Friday morning I got everything ready and packed so as soon as the work day ended we could head to Jaffray and hopefully not arrive at midnight (of course it was snowing that day too). Well no such luck. Tim phoned me at 7:00 in the morning to say he got a flat tire on the truck on his way to work. Crap! Our plan was to take the truck, not the car, to Jaffray cuz we needed to haul the quad and the dogs out there too. So I tried to get everything finished up at work early so that I could go get the flat tire repair. We seem to get flats all the time. I had another one my car not two weeks before this. Anywho after 2.5 hours I finally got the flat repaired and the guy didn't even charge me for it. (Sometimes it so sweet to be a chick!) But then I had to do a few errands before I could head home. Of course none of that went smoothly, but eventually I got it done. So back to where I was previously...finally we headed to Jaffray -- driving in the snow and arriving very late. Not to mention we were squished like sardines in the truck. With the quad in the back of the truck it didn't leave any room for the dogs. So the dogs got our back seat (thank goodness they're good travellers) along with our bags. Tim, Brit, and I squished on the front seat. Lucky me, I got the middle which the back rest that won't even recline a bit. So uncomfortable. And that was our Friday--a 3.5 hour drive.

Saturday morning we got up early so that we could catch the ferry. This time we jumped in with Mom and Dad. Their truck is much more comfortable. It took us around 3 hours to get to the ferry. The ferry was fun. I hadn't been on it in years.

DOCUME~1HP_OwnerLOCALS~1Temp2007-10-15 020
Then we met Kimmy & Brendan (who live over there) at Ainsworth Hot Springs and we all had a swim. Then headed down the coastline of the lake for about 1.5 hours to Castlegar where Kimmy lives. They just bought a place over there cuz Brendan started school at Selkirk College. Their home is so nice. We sure filled it up as everyone in my family was there. It is so beautiful in the West Kootenays.

Sunday we had Thanksgiving dinner. It was so yummy. There are no complaints from me when it comes to turkey dinner and pumpkin pie. Mmmmm. Then we all headed back to Jaffray. We did the two Passes instead of taking the ferry this time and arrived back in Jaffray in 3 hours.

Monday morning Tim was so excited to go for a quad ride that he set the alarm clock (crazy I know). We went on this totally fun ride with my dad and my cousin Todd. We were gone for so long. We couldn't get to the top of the mountain cuz of the snow, so we cruised around on all the different trails at the base of the mountain. After the ride we packed ourselves back into our truck and headed home. Exhausted and dreading work in the morning.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bad Day?

So go here and click on the Top News Stories for Tuesday October 2nd video. This crime spree happened yesterday morning in my quiet village (too small to be called a town) of Stirling. We only have 800 people in Stirling and something crazy like this happens. The house that was crashed in to is just down the street from us. Tim is their home teacher and we were just there on Sunday. The lady that had her jeep stolen is our neighbour (3 houses down). Just crazy. This guy seemed to be having A VERY BAD DAY!

And then last month we had a shooting in Stirling. What the heck?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tag...I'm It!

I've been tagged by The Whidden Family. I'll give it a shot:

A-attached or single- Attached
B-best friends- Tim would have to be my best friend, but I would also say that my best friends are my mom and my sisters. I'm very close to them. Best couple friends would be Trent & Tara.
C-cake or pie- Pie for sure. Cake is so not my thing.
D-day of choice- Saturday cuz for the most part it means not having to wake for the alarm clock at 6am. And if Tim's not working then we get to do some fun stuff.
E-essential item- Camera. I love my camera.
F-fave color- I don't think I have a favorite color. My bedroom growing up was purple but I'm pretty sure my mom chose that for me. My wedding color was mint green, based on the material I liked for bridesmaid dresses. Ya, I don't have a favorite color.
G-gummy bears or worms- Gummy Bears all the way. I have a giant bag of them in my pantry right now.
H-hometown- Jaffray, British Columbia (I LOVE IT THERE!)
I-indulgences- Mint Chocolate Chip icecream. Tim bought me a carton of it last week when I was laid-up. Mmmmm me likey!
J-january or july- Oh July for two reasons: 1) My birthday and 2) Summer!
K-kids- Not yet, but hopefully soon.
L- life is incomplete without- My husband!
M-marriage data- August 27, 2004 in the Cardston Alberta Temple
N-# of siblings- 3 Sisters
O-oranges or apples- Normally I don't like either one, but when I was pregnant I decided I like Gala Apples and it's stuck. (Yes it has to be Gala.)
P-phobias or fears- Oh I just hate spiders. All sizes! I'd rather come across a mouse than a spider. But don't get me started on bears.
Q-quotes- "I am one-zero-zero percent." Eddie (Grampa) Barr
R-reason to smile- Family
S-season- Summer for sure except it's way too short around here.
T- tag three- Kim, Julie A, and Mindy
U-unknown fact about me- I spilled all my secrets back here.
V-vegetarian or oppressor of animals- Well I eat meat so I'm not a vegetarian, but does that really make me an oppressor of animals?
W-worst habit- I hate folding laundry and putting it away so I'll wash them but leave them in the basket making them wrinkled and eventually Tim will mix them in with the dirty clothes so I'll rewash them.
X-xrays or ultrasounds- Well I've only had x-rays at the dentist, but I've had many ultrasounds (most of which have been in the last 6 months) so I'll go with ultrasound.
Y-your fave food- Potato anything: chips, hashbrowns, french fries, mashed, scallopped, baked, etc
Z-zodiac- cancer

Monday, October 01, 2007


The tests came back inconclusive. The doctor went through every test that they ran on me with Tim and I...and there were many. They tested me for gout, staph infection, rheumatoid arthritis, just plain arthritis, lupus, lyme disease, some muscle diseases, and so on. Everything came back normal other than the test that showed inflammation (no kidding). But I'm happy with inconclusive if that means they've ruled out some of the nasty things that it could be.

Each day my hip is slowly getting better. I'm moving more. I can go down stairs, but not up them quiet yet. Sitting up is getting better. I am driving now, but not without pain...pain from sitting and from moving my leg from the gas to the brake. And I walk with a limp (how uncool is that?). The silly part is I limp not because of pain but because of lack of mobility. The doctor think because each day is a little better that it's probably a viral infection in the joint. Oh fun!

I'm all hopped up on Ibuprofen (a major prescription dosage) to help with the inflammation cuz it's not really doing anything pain wise.