Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey, It's Me!

I'm back. We've been off camping. So many stories to tell you (no I haven't had our baby). Running out of time in my days to get everything done. Will do an update post soon. I promise!

Monday, July 14, 2008


After 7 years of working for the Government of Canada, as of last Friday, I'm officially a Stay-At-Home-Mom (with no kids...yet). I never would have thought that I'd be off work 6 weeks before my due date. It sure wasn't the plan. But my doctor felt my swelling was too bad to continue to work. He wanted me off immediately, but I went back in for 3 more days to wrap work up and train someone to cover off my desk. I'll admit it, when I walked out of my office at 4:30 last Friday I looked back at my desk and I was teary eyed. But I KNOW I'm leaving to do a much greater job, a more difficult job, a way more rewarding job, an eternal job -- that of being a mother. And I'm so overjoyed to have that opportunity. Both Tim and I are so excited. Not too much longer now. Less than 6 weeks to go!

Here I am in my office my last day. Can't complain about the view I had -- that field usually has a ton of our sheep and lambs out in it, but I didn't get them in the picture:
Copy of Jul11.08_Ashlee's Last Day of Work 007
And a baby bump picture (34 weeks):
Copy of Jul13.08_Pregnant 34wks 2days 013

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Bit More Camping (Writing on Stone)

We went camping at Writing on Stone again this weekend. Tim's dad was driving up from Vegas so we thought we'd camp close to the US border for him. Tim's sister, Rachel, and her family came out too. We had a good time. The food was super yummy! And Tim even lost a bet that he and I made so he had to do all our dishes that day. However the BUGS were insane. They drove us all bonkers. They were kinda like little fruit flies and they were everywhere -- up your nose, in your eyes, in your mouth, you name it! As usual we spent time down at the river and in the hoodoos. I stuck to strolling through the hoodoos this time though -- no more climbing for me. I don't bend so well at 7.5 months pregnant. For more pictures click on the Camping 2008 (Part 2) Photos (Page 3) link on the left of the blog. And click on any of the pictures below to make them bigger.

Tim and the dogs stopped for a picture with me:
Jul4-7.08_Writing on Stone Camping 049
Tim & Dex jumping from hoodoo to hoodoo:
Jul4-7.08_Writing on Stone Camping 016
Taking a break (33 weeks pregnant):
Jul4-7.08_Writing on Stone Camping 044
Either my belly's getting bigger or my shirts are shrinking -- I think it's the latter (haha):
Jul4-7.08_Writing on Stone Camping 053
Family photo at our campsite:
Jul4-7.08_Writing on Stone Camping 075

Monday, July 07, 2008

Just Click Away

Whoa! Thanks to "Anonymous" for the mean comment they left on MY blog. (Pretty brave when you don't have to sign your name.) Here's the's MY blog and I'll write what I want on MY blog. No one is out there forcing you to read -- so don't. Just click away. I don't need your snarky comments. My previous post was NOT meant to sound as if I was complaining. And I guess that's a risk I take when I type out my thoughts. It was a post about what's happening with me and my baby during my pregnancy for MY journal keeping and so that MY friends and family know what's going on. And I've re-read the post where you left your comment and I still don't see that it reads as though as I was complaining -- I read it as stating the facts for me and to update my family and my friends. But I guess that's the chance I take when I type posts as it's pretty hard for readers to tell in text if I'm happy, mad, sad, joking, being sarcastic, stating the facts, or complaining.

Yes, you win Anonymous. You were successful in upsetting me. How dare you say I'm ungrateful! You have no idea of the prayers, fasting, blessings, and temple attendance that has been offered on behalf of my baby. No idea! So just click away.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm Just Swell!

Pregnancy & Swelling! Swelling & Pregnancy! For me, these two go hand-in-hand. And the summer heat isn't helping out with my swollen legs/feet/ankles. I'm trying to keep them iced and elevated. But then there is work. Sitting at a computer desk for 8 hrs a day...not so good. My doctor has put me on part-time work. But that was before this last weekend.

Saturday night my feet were SO SWOLLEN. It felt like my skin was going to burst. I could barely walk. Tim stayed up till after 1am (while I was sleeping) just icing my ankles. Then Sunday morning I went to get out of bed to get ready for church thinking the swelling had gone done. Oh no! Couldn't even put weight on my feet. Couldn't get myself to the bathroom. Nothing! They were terrible.

I took it easy for 4 days and then decided to try work again. I went in yesterday. Had my feet up the entire time I was there. Couldn't stand still, but walking was okay. But by last night I could hardly walk again and I was super dizzy. Tim had to help me up the stairs to our bedroom. So I'm at home again today.

I'm not sure what to do anymore. I've tried staying in bed or on the couch with my feet elevated and ice on them, but I got tired of reading, watching TV, playing card games on my cell, and playing the Wii.

I've tried cooling them in freezing glacier water in Waterton:Jun20-22.08_Waterton Camping (209)

Tim carried me out to the middle of this creek to cool them (knowing I couldn't get back out by myself):
Jun28.08_Cooling in Lee Creek (3)

Also tried cooling them in our chilly pool. Yes I'm fully clothed. My plan wasn't to get into the water. Tim and my aunt (who shared her hat with me) forced me in.
Copy of Jun29.08_Icing Swollen Ankles in Pool (2)

Guess I go back to see the doctor again....