Thursday, June 21, 2007

Belly River/Waterton Camping

The weather was miserable but we still had fun. We headed out camping in Waterton right after work last Friday. My cousin Evan and his wife Miranda (who live in Stirling as well) brought their tent and came with us. It was chilly Friday night, but at least the rain held off. Saturday we all slept late, had an awesome brunch, and then the rain came POURING down. So we left the campsite and drove to Red Rock Canyon. Tim and I got out our sweet ponchos so that we’d stay dry. They’re just so figure flattering. Ya, we look like nerds. Anywho, the rain stopped and we went back to the campsite. Tim decided no matter what temperature is was he was going to float down the Belly River in our dingy. It was SO cold. However I didn’t want to be left out so I squished in the kid’s boat with him. The rain held off (but it wasn’t warm out) till about midnight. When it started pouring again we called an end to the campfire.

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Carrie said...

Wow! It's gorgeous there! I've been wanting to camp sooo bad but with this belly there's NO WAY I could get my fat, pregnant butt in and out of the tent! He he! That would be a hilarious sight!

Talk about Diehards! Sticking it out in the rain! That rocks!