Friday, January 04, 2008

Our Baby News

Well I’ve been terrible at keep our blog up to date. My new year’s resolution: do better at the blog. So here we go and you’ll see lots of me for the next little while cuz I’ve got tons of things that have happened. Let’s start with about mid December....

We’re expecting again. We are ecstatic but I’m also a nervous wreck. My doctor told me to take a chill pill cuz my blood pressure needs to come down. I’m working on relaxing and letting what Heavenly Father has in store for us just happen. Tim’s been my rock through all of this. He’s been so supportive of his very emotional wife this Fall/Winter. Our family and friends have also been so wonderful while we were on this roller coaster ride. I’m just so blessed.

The pregnancy was a shock to us. I was definitely preparing myself for another "no go". It was such an awesome Christmas surprise. Tim wasn’t home when I took the test so I had to think of a way to tell him. Tim always comes in our back door from work and for some reason empties his pockets on the counter in our bathroom by the back door. Normally this drives me bonkers, but I thought I’d use it to my advantage this time. I grabbed a white board marker and wrote on the mirror knowing he’d see it when he emptied his pockets. Like clockwork he walked straight into the bathroom.

Dec12.07_Sharing Baby News with Tim (3)

Things have been going pretty well so far. I was hoping I wasn’t going to have the morning sickness like last time. Ya, that was wishful thinking. It’s here....full force. At least I knew what to expect this time. But instead of kicking in while on our summer vacation, this time it decided to start on our Christmas vacation. Sheesh!

Well I have another doctor’s appointment today to get more stuff for this morning (all day) sickness. Hopefully my blood pressure is down some from last time. I’m feel more relaxed these days. However I don’t think I’ll truly relax until I hear our baby’s heartbeat.


Carrie said...

Good luck at your appt.! I truly hope everything goes great for you two this time around! Such a bummer with the morning sickness again! Being sick during the holidays was NO fun! I hope the doc gives you the good stuff! ;)

I love how you told Tim! I would've ended up calling him and telling him on the phone. I suck at waiting with big news to tell! How did he react?

Definitely keep us updated! we miss hearing from ya! Take care of yourself hun!

Kim said...

Oh how utterly happy I was to come and see this post today. You are on my mind CONSTANTLY and that little baby too. He/she/they better hold on. husband ALWAYS joked I was pregnant with twins. Highly unlikely but ya know...

Good luck with the sickies...hope you feel better. The good part? I guess you lose weight...that has got to be a little perk. Although I would take a few pounds over barf anyday.

Francis Family said...

It sucks you are so sick again, i know how you feel. Having twins doubles it!! No wonder i've been so sick! I didn't get ultrasound pictures, they won't give them to you only on 3D cd, and I didn't know that before. Oh well next time I will get something forsure. I tell you though, it was very cool to see two little babies up on the monitor side by side. I was very calm once I saw them, I knew we would be ok and I got excited! I hope your pregnancy is good for you this time. Just stay calm it's the best thing for your baby!

Skye and Aaron said...

So excited for you both! I kept thinking of exciting ways to tell Aaron, but i couldn't hold it in at all! I'm awful for that! I love how you told Tim though, so cute!
I hope the sickness starts easing off for you! There's honestly nothing worse....nothing!!!!