Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Primary Kids

Have I told you about my new calling? Well I'm no longer teaching Relief Society. Much different. I'm in the Primary. I teach CTR 7, which means I have a bunch of 6 year old boys and only two girls. Oh wow are they....hmmm what's a good word.....busy. In Sharing Time I had to move seats 4 times. And that was to deal only with my entire row of kids. Our Primary is large. Over 100 kids. It's crazy in there. Last Sunday they were off the wall. I got all sorts of 6 year old answers to my questions during our lesson. (Note: names have been changed)

Me the Teacher: Johnny, can you name a body part that we all have that is just like Heavenly Father's? (Now I'm looking for answers like: eyes, ears, legs, etc.)
Johnny: Butts!
(bunch of 6 year olds bursting out in laughter)
Me: Now Johnny, don't be silly. What about eyes?
Johnny: No, boogers!
Me: Never mind.

And then we were doing a little coloring activity after our lesson and I over heard this conversation:

Tom: My dad's a cowboy. (I know Tom's dad and he is the furthest thing from a cowboy.)
Jack: You're dad's NOT a cowboy.
Tom: Ya well your dad's an indian. (Jack is not, nor is his dad, native american.)
Jack: My dad's not an indian, because if he was one he'd be dead.
Me: (very shocked) Why would he be dead?
Jack: Because cowboys and indians only lived in the old ‘n' days.
Me: Oh that makes sense.
Freddy: You guys are insane!

Ya, I'm not sure how successful the lesson was last Sunday. The kids were wild, but we did get through the lesson. Maybe I'll take a treat next Sunday. They sit much better when they know there's a reward at the end. Oh except it's our turn to do the class presentation in Sharing Time. It should be interesting.


Amanda said...

That is so great! I am laughing so hard. Kids say THE FUNNIEST things ever.

Kim said...

Mine is crossing the threshold into "boyhood" heaven help me the day he says "butt" to his primary teacher. Heaven help you!

Carrie said...

Boys! They don't really "grow up" that much when they get older, do they? LOL!

Have fun in Primary! Maybe you're just getting preped for having your own! He he!

*Carly* said...

I know you have more boys then girls but as a mother of a 7yr old I can guarantee that your lessons stick! I love what kids say and they make me laugh so hard until I think about what my child could be saying. *eek*

moosh in indy. said...

That makes me tired just reading it.