Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Truck

I think we’re getting a new truck. Well actually it’s a used truck, but you get the point. Tim wants something with a bigger engine to pull the trailer. At least that’s what he tells me. I’m pretty sure it’s cuz he wants to pull the trailer and have his quad in the back of the truck at the same time. Our S10 only has a 4' box and a small engine. The quad is 6' long and therefore to haul the quad we need to have our tailgate down. And if the tailgate is down then we can’t hook up the trailer. Well this F150 that we’re looking at has a 6.5 foot box. So it’s not 4 doors like our S10, but it is an extended cab with suicide doors. It’s looks like we should be able to trade straight across for this truck and that’s even taking into account our spider web windshield and the huge dent. Did I ever tell you about that dent? Tim ran over a wooden crate back when the truck was my truck not his. And we just haven’t fixed it yet (over $1000) ghetto. So here are a couple pictures. I’ll keep ya posted.


Mike Peterson said...

Nice. That would be cool if you could just trade straight across.

moosh in indy. said...

Men and trucks. *sigh*
Will all you Mormons do me a favor and get over to my post about Mormons and tell me how awesome I am?
I'm really nervous discussing religion. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS KIDS!

Carrie said...

Nice truck! My hubby's totally drooling! I can't imagine what gas prices would be like for a truck and our SUV though! Ouch! Maybe when we make more money! LOL!

Totally awesome that you were able to trade it out! How much better could that get?