Monday, May 14, 2007

Writing on Stone

So Writing on Stone was so fun. The weather was so nice. We even went swimming in the river that afternoon. Yes, it was THAT hot! We went climbing in the hoodoos Saturday afternoon. We had a blast. And I loved having a trailer with a fridge, sink, nice bed, and toilet. I even had a good sleep cuz I didn't have to worry about bears eating me. Actually if you've ever been to Writing on Stone it's not really the kind of place you'd find a bear. But watch out for the rattle snakes and huge porcupines. However we do a lot of camping in the mountains...and the bears do live there.
Here's me climbing over a hoodoo.
And Tim taking a rest at the very top of a hoodoo.
Check out the cool ledge I got up on...okay I had a boost from Tim.
And there's Tim way the heck out (and up) there. Too high for my liking.
Me with our puppies, Diesel & Dex. They are WAY better climbers than me. Dexter especially. Everywhere Tim went Dex was on his heels. Dexter would jump from the top of one hoodoo to the next with Tim. Diesel would climb down and then back up the next. I thought our dogs turned into mountain lions.
Then Trent & Tara came out to visit us Saturday night. So here's Trent getting ready to do the huge leap and Tim's gonna catch him (it's a long ways down as Tim is standing on a ledge himself). Okay he didn't really jump. Tara and I were having a fit cuz they were up way too high.
Tim thought this hoodoo looked like a climbing wall. Trent & Tara looked on while he tested it out. This was the only time that Diesel & Dex couldn't figure out how to get to Tim.
Tim and Trent made it to the top. Tara and I were very nervous during their climb. Diesel & Dexter were just nervous cuz they couldn't get to Tim. They must have done 50 laps each around the hoodoo trying to find a place to get up to him.


moosh in indy. said...

Is a hoodoo a canuck word for mountain? 'Cause round my parts it's another word for poo.

Kim said...

Hehehe. Laughing at Casey. You guys have all the fun. See how much fun you can have without kids? Well, kids are fun too, but I must say I am having some jealousy here. Heart.