Saturday, May 26, 2007

Feeling Hot Hot Hot Hot!

Last Tuesday when Tim was on his way home from work he noticed smoke coming from Stirling. He drove to where he saw the smoke (a few blocks down from our house) and noticed a house on fire. He went straight to the Fire Hall. The other firefighters had just arrived there as well. I went and tried to get some video of Tim fighting his first fire on the Stirling Fire Department. It was pretty hard as the house was surrounded by trees and there were barricades up so I couldn't get very close. I did get video of the water Tim was spraying on the house and of him climbing the ladder with the hose over his shoulder. I have put captions in the video to point these out. Please don't mind the shaky videoing as it was super windy out and the blurriness is because I didn't realize the digital zoom was on.

They fought the fire for close to 5 hours. Tim was really tired when he got home. He said it was hard work. The house is pretty much gutted. It was too old and was falling apart so they couldn't get inside to fight the fire--just had to spray it down from outside.

A few weeks ago I told Tim that the Fire Department should make a calendar. Then on Tuesday I saw the rest of the firefighters and well let's just say that they should NOT be in a calendar. But my husband was hot, hot, hot, hot!


Mike Peterson said...

That's a cool video. Hopefully the people who lived there are okay and hopefully they have a place to stay. That would suck to have your place burn like that. I would mostly want to save my photos.

Ashlee said...

I guess I didn't mention that. The people weren't there. This is a 2nd home for them. Losing photos would totally suck though. I keep a backup of all my photos on a DVD at work.

Skye and Aaron said...

I totally agree with the whole photos thing. Just thinking about that makes me sick to my stomach. Cool video!