Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moving In!

The other day when we went to my mom's house to get our trailer and move it to our new house, I realized that I didn't take one single picture of our "house" for the past 5 months (which is so not me). We parked up by the barn and even had our own driveway.
This is how close we were to Mama & Bupbup's house. Kinsey loved living so close to them. And Tim and I feel so blessed that they let us stay with them for so long.
So we just got possession of our new house. We have a lot of work there that we need to do. Mostly cosmetic - so that's good. I figured the easiest way to show you our house is to go room by room (when we get each room done). We started with the living room.
Our very first project was get rid of all the window coverings and old carpet. Kinsey thought this was fun!

Kimmy & Kamry came up and helped us clean, clean, and more clean. And then helped us put away all our kitchen stuff.
Tim and Brendan ripped out the carpet in the hallway and bedrooms.
And the living room!
New carpet in! Ahhh! I love it and it makes the house smell so good.

Now to get all our furniture moved in and then I'll work on painting and more cleaning and organizing. Sounds fun!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Goodbye Stirling!

Moving - ugh! And moving in the rain - double ugh! So you haven't heard from us much as September has been soooooo busy. Our house didn't sell this summer. :( And it's getting too cold for us to live in our holiday trailer much longer (our furnace runs all night long). So we decided to rent out our house in Stirling. I so didn't want to do the landlord thing. But we had no choice really. Well that is if we wanted to stay in Jaffray. So we did. Within 45 mins of posting our rent ad on kijiji we had a ton of people call me. And I think we've found some good renters. (fingers crossed)

Kinsey and I spent almost 2 weeks down in Stirling packing up and doing some cleaning. Tim came down on the weekends and we loaded him up. Now the pics I have here are deceiving cuz it looks like we had nice weather for moving. But we didn't! It rained so much! Everything had to be tarped. Sheesh! Anywho, the packing was a lot of work (and bonehead me only had flipflops to wear for carrying and loading all our stuff) and a lot of trips back to Jaffray for Tim. And then we had to store all our stuff for a few weeks until we got possession of our new house. Ugh! But we got all our stuff to Jaffray (we have way too much stuff). Every time Tim would head off to Jaffray and leave me and Kins in Stirling Kinsey would cry and say that she wanted to go to Jaffray too. So finally when the day came that we handed the keys over to the renters and we driving to Jaffray Kinsey says, "Mommy, my go Jaffray now?" I said "Yep, we're driving to Jaffray now!" And she replies, "Good! My love Jaffray!" I love Jaffray too!

No stores would save any boxes for us so we had to buy all these bins (almost 70 of them) to move our stuff. Kept things nice and organized though.
And made it to Jaffray with the 1st load.
My uncle happened to be in Stirling for the weekend with his trailer so we loaded him up and sent a load home with him. Trying to keep it out of the rain was a bit hard. The upright deep freeze didn't fit in my dad's garage.
Half in - Half out! (I'm so done with all this rain!)
This was my other uncle's stock trailer. We loaded it to the tip top! I forgot to get a better pic of it. It was so full of all our "must not get wet" stuff like beds, tvs, furniture, etc. Stored it in my dad's barn for a while. :)
Last trip! Had to get the hottub!

Inside of the car and truck were also plugged. Poor Kinsey had to squish in the back with all that stuff. haha But we're all done now. Well....we're done phase 1 of the move. Phase 2 - move into our new place.