Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Out with the old – In with the new

Tim quit his job on Monday. And today he started a new one. Not a huge career change or anything like that. He’s been hired as a Journeyman Electrician for Lamb Weston. It’s a huge potato plant ("Where every day's a fryday!") and he’ll be doing maintenance there instead of construction like he’s been doing for the last 5 (or so) years. He’s excited about the change and to learn some new stuff. The crappy part is now it’s shift work. Yep 12 hour days (or nights) plus a 45 min drive to work each way. So he’ll have to work some night shifts and he’ll work every second weekend. Totally crappy, but we both feel shift work will work very well for us when I’m at home with our baby. (That day can’t come soon enough.) I’m so proud of Tim and the hard worker that he is. I hope his first day is going well. It’s so strange for me not to be able to call him whenever. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though.


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The Whidden Family said...

Congrats Tim on the new job! That is exciting. I laughed so hard at the "Every day is a fryday" - haha.
10 weeks - how are you feeling these days???