Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Niece -- Danyca Rose

IT'S A GIRL! And she's finally here. Danyca Rose was born at 12:15pm on January 11th. She was 6lb 8oz and has tons of black hair. Both Mommy (my sister Jenn) and baby are doing well. Danyca looks just like her big sister Jayda.

Only hours old and already she found her thumb.
Jan11.08_Danyca Rose - Born 001
Look how much hair she has.
Jan11.08_Danyca Rose - Born 032
Jan11.08_Danyca Rose - Born 047
Getting dressed after her first bath.
Jan11.08_Danyca Rose - Born 061


Kim said...

She is adorable!

Amanda said...

New babies are so fun! I'm sure you are excited for yours!

Francis Family said...

Oh she is so cute!! You guys are all going have cute little babies! It makes me even more excited for mine to come when I see newborns!