Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Ride Around The Mountain!

My favorite quad ride is the one around the mountain range here. It's a long ride (took us like 5 hrs). I haven't been on a good long ride in years because of either being pregnant, nursing, or no babysitter (you know, mommy stuff). I was so glad that I got to go. Tim wanted to take his dad on that ride too. It's so pretty. This here is a waterfall that we can look over. There are like 5 or so hunting/guiding cabins on that trail around the mountains.

There must have been some CRAZY spring run-off this year cuz the trail was really cut up. The pic doesn't show it too well, but Tim's one tire is way off the ground here just trying to cross this deep rut.
And then the trail to cross this creek was completely washed out. We didn't want to turn around....so we made it through. It's so hard to tell from the pictures, but this was a really steep drop down into the river. My Dad and Tim's Dad had to hold the quad back so it didn't flip over while Tim drove it down.
Then to get up the other side, we had to winch the quads up the steep bank. It made for some extra fun on the trip! Dad and Tim love this kind of stuff! However it was Tim's dad's first time quading....maybe not so much for beginners.
Found this GIANT tree along the way!And of course if there's deep water to play in.....Tim will. He went back and forth a million times playing in the river.
Tim and his dad enjoying the view!
I love, love, love going for a good quad ride! Wohoo! Lucky for us, we live in the most beautiful place to quad!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Grampa's Visit!

Grampa left sunny Las Vegas and came to visit us! Kinsey was very excited at the airport watching for Grampa to get off the airplane.
We did some camping with Grampa at North Star and after that we did some mountain things around Jaffray. Tim had to take his dad on the drive up First Peak. We always love doing that drive. I think Grampa was a wee bit nervous of the cliff when he looked out his window.
But the cliffs are worth it. When you get to the top you can overlook all of Jaffray. Love the view!Kinsey slept the entire way up on that bumpy road.
And we always have to take the trip over to see "the lake" once we're up first peak.

We got to do other fun things when Grampa was here, but I'll post about that later.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little more of North Star Lake

We went back to camp at North Star Lake again. This time we took some of Tim's family. Rachel and her family came out from Alberta to check out the lakes, mountains, and quading around Jaffray. We lucked out with beautiful weather and had such a great time.

Kinsey & Kara wanted to try the dingy out. Kinsey took Daddy & Grampa on a quad ride.Kinsey LOVES her big cousin Kara. She won't give Kara any space. heheOh look! It's a quad picture....and I'm actually in the picture! Can you believe it?Time for a swim in the lake!The water was CHILLY!But Kinsey came around to the water temp. Can you see that she's wet and her feet are in the sand/rocks/dirt? We're making some progress!
It was a super fun camping trip. Kinsey was very sad to see Auntie Rachel and her cousins leave. But we'll see them again very soon!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quading with TnT

We were SO EXCITED when we heard the news that our best friends bought a quad too. Way too much fun!! We loaded up and headed to Cardston. Trent & Tara watched Kinsey for us while we went to the temple then we went quading out at the farm. Fun fun!

Tim and Trent with their two little buddies, Kinsey & Blake!The creek that sometimes is only a little trickle was quite a bit faster and higher after all the rain that Southern Alberta got. Tim loved playing in it. However he did get stuck in it with both Kinsey and I on the quad too. I had to get off, with Kinsey, and wade to the shore. I was wet to my knees!TnT and Blake! (and Tara's baby bump)We climbed to the top of the coulee cuz the creek was too deep to cross.And then Uncle Trent got a flat tire. Ugh! But Kinsey was there to fix it up!This is how the ride back to the farm went...And Blake & I limped Trent's quad back.

It was such a fun day! Now Tara need to have that little baby of her's and we'll take them out quading in the mountains around Jaffray.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Camping - North Star Lake

This last weekend we tried some camping closer to home. We went to North Star Lake and we had a blast. It was actually sunny and hot - can you believe it? There were a bunch of us camping there once again. We even got to celebrate Kamry's 1st Birthday while we were camping there. We had fun!

We went for a quad ride, but had to borrow Bupbup's quad cuz some bonehead (hehe) busted the wheel on our quad the first night. Kinsey loves "pod" rides.
Went for a hike along the lake.Went for a ride in Bupbup's fishing boat.Hung out with Daddy.
Actually got our barefeet a wee bit dirty in the sand while playing/swimming in the lake.And went for a ride in the dingy.

It was nice camping so close to home. Tim was still able to drive into work Friday morning from the campsite. (Well his commute went from 7 mins to 15 mins, but he survived it.)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Camping - Writing on Stone

Had to stick with the tradition and do Writing on Stone again this year. We had a big crew this time and it was a ton of fun. The weather cooperated and we didn't have rain. We're really tired of rain! It was so good to see all of our Alberta family and friends now that we've moved to BC. The drive to Writing on Stone was MUCH longer coming all the way from Jaffray though. But it was worth it.Our Kinsey does NOT like to get dirty. She was very upset about her barefeet being the the sand on the beach.
Saturday morning Kinsey wanted to see what Daddy was cooking on the grill and grabbed it. She burnt both her little hand very badly! I felt so bad for her. :-( Her hands were so blistered! But she's a trooper and bounced back later that afternoon. Love her!After a lot of tears, some painkillers, some bandages, a blessing, a long nap, and a ton of kisses... she was all smiles again! Tough little girl! She had to show every stranger in the campground her "mitts" (bandages) that she had to wear because her hands were "Ouchie! Hot hands!"