Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh No... The Big Three Ohh!

It's Tim's 30th Birthday! Crazy! I went all out. I love doing birthday parties, so a 30th birthday is fun stuff. Kinsey and I found all sorts of decorations and put them all up. Tim was working nightshift so while he was gone we decorated. We had the table done up, sign in the window, signs on the door, balloons, and some hangy things from the ceiling. It was too much fun. When he got home in the morning it was all done up. We had a bunch of people come over for Tim's party. Tim requested ribs, baked beans, and texas sheet cake. He got it all!

Took me and Kinsey forever to make and cut out this sign. (I'm so not crafty!)Kinsey wanted to open the presents:

Yes, he requested 30 candles on his cake!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Camping! Finally!

We went camping! In March! It was cold, but we couldn't wait any longer. We bought our new trailer back in November and we haven't been able to use it... until now. Loved it! We stayed close to home as usually our first camping trip of the year starts like this or this. So we just went to the RV Park near Taber. It was really nice there down on the river. Not to mention we pretty much had the entire campground to ourselves. Kinsey couldn't get enough. She loved it and had to drag her inside the trailer to warm up. She had a blast. We had a few campfires and everyone came out at least one time for hot dogs, smores, and hot chocolate. Fun fun! Tim was called into work the last day we were there, but that was okay as we were only a few minutes away from his work. Kinsey and I went and dropped him off and we went swimming at the pool in Taber. Wow, that's a nice pool for kids. Kinsey had so much fun there too!

Tim and Kinsey warming up by the fire:
Kinsey & Daddy petting Diesel (Kinsey won't leave the dogs alone. She loves them!):
Kinsey with her FAVORITE person... her daddy:
Kinsey loved running through all the leaves. She liked the crunching sound:
Kinsey found some "smart pills" -- now she really will be smart when Bupbup shows them to her:
She wanted to stay outside forever!
She would feed the dogs one little bite of dog food at a time. And they let her:
And of course she had to play a little soccer in the leaves:

Can't wait to do this again VERY SOON! Yay Camping!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Loving Baking Together!

I've told you before about my Baking Buddy. We started with the Snugli, moved to the Bumbo Chair, then the highchair, and now she stands next to me on a chair.
Well she starts on the chair and then climbs her way up onto the counter. The little monkey!
We always bake together. If she's napping then I'll wait until she wakes to start baking. Now we never do anything fancy. Mostly cookies! It takes me probably 3 times as long to bake with her, but we have fun. She absolutely loves baking with Mommy.
She has to copy everything I do. If I put on an apron, then she needs hers on too. If I pull up my sleeves, then she needs hers pulled up too. If I wash my hands, then so does she.
She has to pour all the ingredients in and we count as we pour each in. I'll scoop up the ingredients and she'll squeal "Sinsey Help!" (Sinsey is how she says her own name.) I have a wee bit of a problem (or a big problem) with trying to keep her little fingers out of the stuff. I have little holes in everything. She says "poke, poke, poke" and just can't help herself. At least this time she was supposed to poke the huckleberries down into the batter for the muffins. (But I see a ton of huckleberries on her face - I think she snuck some.)
We make quite a mess with all the flour and sugar on her chair and the floor. That's always fun to clean up afterwards.
And sometimes we forget that the oven mitts go on our hands instead of our feet.
But we have fun together. It's something we both LOVE to do together. And Daddy loves the results. :)

PS Please excuse the wild hair. We usually bake in the mornings, before we get dress and "done-up" for the day. hehe

Monday, March 01, 2010

Is she really 18 mths old?

My Kinsey is 18 mths old! I can't believe it. No longer my baby. However I think she'll always be her Daddy's baby. When he holds her he says "Oh my little baby!" She's totally a little girl now. She's oodles of fun. Here are some little facts about her:

-She talks and talks and talks. She's doing some sentences now too.
-She'll repeat ANY word you say except for phone (to her a phone is a "show")
-She has her own bedroom now, but doesn't sleep in it. Misses Mommy's face I guess. We'll work on it. :)
-Just in the last month or so she's FINALLY figured out how to climb onto the couch which means she's also figured out how to climb on chairs to get onto the table. Lovely!
-She's starting to watch cartoons now. Her favorite is Spirit.
-Blankie and soozy (soother) are a must if it's nap time.
-Loves playing with baby dolls now. Her favorite is to put diapers on them.
-Loves to wear boots. If her Mommy would let her she'd wear them around the house all day long.
-The laptop! If you happen to walk away from it and leave it open, she will be there pushing buttons in less than 3 seconds. She's fast! I swear she keeps an eye on it even when I think she's doing something else.
-She still has a bobby (bottle) even though she's using it less and less all the time.
-My mom says that Kinsey can "smell" phones. Loves them! Even if you hide them she will eventually find one. (Caught her standing on the keys of my mom's piano reaching for a cell.)
-When she finds a phone she talks to Mama (my mom). I'm not sure why she thinks only Mama is on the phone. The odd time she will say that it's Auntie B on the phone.
-She loves doing action songs like Popcorn Popping, Once there was a Snowman, Picture a Christmas, etc.
-She has an AMAZING memory! She remembers everything. At the church this week I caught her climbing the stairs to go up on the stage. I asked her where she was going and she told me she was going to find Santa. (Santa was on the stage at the Christmas party back the beginning of December and we haven't talked about that since.) And if someone like Mama or Auntie B has a sleepover at our house she remembers in the morning without me reminding her. It's crazy!
-Points out pictures of Jesus and the temple when she sees them and is VERY excited that she found a picture of one of them.
-When we sit at the table to eat or get ready for bed it is Kinsey that tells us it's time to pray.
-She loves to bake with Mommy.
-She loves all animals especially our dogs and Bupbup's (my dad) kitty.
-Stuffed animals get hugged and kissed by Kinsey over and over again.
-Kinsey only has 7 teeth! I know! Eating is a bit of a problem as she has nothing to chew with. Luckily in the last few months here we got her top teeth so now she can at least bite.
-She doesn't sleep through the night. (Enough said!)
-When Daddy comes home from work she won't let him go. Daddy has to do everything with her and Mommy's not allowed to help.
-According to Kinsey, Daddy and Mommy should not hold hands when sitting on the couch. She'll pull our hands apart and say "No hands. No touch." It's so funny.
-She sings while she plays. No words, but she does her "la la la" and sometimes a little dancing while she plays.

So there you go. There are a bunch of little facts about my 18 mths old Kinsey! Love her to pieces! We have so much fun together!