Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Our Christmas 2007

The Saturday before Christmas Tim & I headed to Jaffray. We were going to BC in search of a White Christmas. Boy did we find it! They had a crazy amount of snow. So awesome!

Every Christmas Eve my family goes carolling to all of my mom’s side of the family. (We have a very large extended family.) All the families wait for us to come. Our crowd is getting pretty big now and we were even missing Kimmy & Brendan as they spent Christmas with Brendan’s family in Alberta. After carolling we ended up at Granny’s house. We took some snacks down there and spent the evening with her. After Granny’s we headed back to Mom & Dad’s and we had to do a little Christmas sing-song. Jayda just loved the mic and Parker thought he was Rod Stewart dragging his mic stand all over the place singing Rudolph. It was so cute.

Christmas Eve_Dec24.07 (2)

Christmas morning was pretty slack. There was no getting up early in our house. Kimmy was missing and she was the one that usually got us up super early cuz "Santa came". The best part for sure was going over to my sister’s and watching Jayda & Parker. Priceless. They were so excited about EVERYTHING. Parker got out of bed and told his mommy about all the presents under the tree. She asked him "Who brought all these presents?" And Parker turned to her and said, "Uncle Tim??" Dang that Uncle Tim. He got all of Santa’s credit!

Christmas Day_Dec25.07 (2)

On Boxing Day Kimmy and Brendan came to Jaffray. We were excited to see them. We missed them on Christmas. Tim and Brendan had to keep themselves busy so out in my mom’s front yard they decided to build a snow cave. A gigantic one. Tim and I made one last year at our house, but we don’t get the snow like BC so it took forever for us to shovel enough to make a little snow cave. Tim, Brendan, & Kimmy got tired of shovelling (I just watched them.) and decided to get my dad’s snow blower out. They went around the yard and made this HUGE pile of snow for the cave. And there was still tons of snow left in the yard. Nothing like Alberta! Everyone around stopped by to see what we were making in the front yard. It took a very long time to hollow out but finally it was done. My contribution to it....well Jayda and I made that little snowman by the entrance. Helpful aren’t I?
Snow Cave_Dec27.07 (1)
Snow Cave_Dec27.07 (11)
Snow Cave_Dec27.07 (13)
Snow Cave_Dec27.07 (14)

Tim tried ice fishing for the first time ever. Ya, it didn’t go so well. Nothing! I was bored out of my mind – staring at a bobber in a hole forever...not so fun. Maybe it would have been better if they were actually catching fish.

Ice Fishing Rosen Lake_Dec28.07 (3)

Then on Saturday Trent & Tara came out to Jaffray to hang out. So much fun! They did some ice fishing (caught nothing again), snowmobiling, sledding, tubing, and had a bonfire. And Tara was my life saver when she showed up with her morning sickness meds which I used a bunch of to "try" and keep my morning sickness at bay. What a sweetie!

Bonfire_Dec29.07 (3)

Sorry this is such a long post. I should keep our blog more up to date so I don’t have to write novels like these. Oh ya, and ignore the typos cuz this is too long for me to re-read.

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Carrie said...

Looks like sooo much fun! We built a cave/igloo when I was little. I'd LOVE to do that again if I could only stand the cold! :)