Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Just continuing the tradition. As in years past, please pick your favorite. The poll is on the side of our blog -- so vote! Your choices are:

Booo GhostWolfGoblins
I won the first year, Tim won the second year, and Britnee & Tim tied last year (she wasn't invited back this year).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They Grow Too Fast!

A week ago I took Kinsey to her doctor's appt for her follow-up. At 7 weeks old she was 11lbs 2oz and 23.5" long. Her weight is in the normal range, but her length...that puts her in the 100th percentile. The doctor says she's gonna be one tall girl! Mama always said she had grasshopper legs. Kinsey and I went to Jaffray for a few days last week. We got to hang out with Auntie Jenn, Jayda, Parker, & Danyca during the day and Mama & Bupbup in the evenings. It was fun! We originally thought Danyca was always trying to get to Kinsey to "see the baby", but it turns out she was just trying to steal Kinsey's soother instead.

Mama giving Kinsey a bath (don't worry - we didn't use the Sunlight to wash her):

While in Jaffray we were able to go over and meet Kinsey's new little friend Desiree.
Kinsey (1.5 mths), Danyca (9 mths), & Desiree (2 days):
Kinsey is so much fun now. She's really started interacting a lot more with us lately. She's always cooing. I've been able to record it on my cell phone, but have had no luck getting any video of her cooing. As soon as the camera comes out she stops looking at Mommy and therefore talking to Mommy and does a blank stare at the camera. It's so funny!

Monday, October 27, 2008

One Last Camping Trip

With our August being pretty much written off when getting ready and waiting for Kinsey to finally arrive, we didn't get to do much camping. And September flew by. We hadn't winterized our trailer yet so we decided to go out one more time. Yep, we took our 1.5 month old baby out camping in October. She was so good. And it's not like we were roughing it was water, toilet, fridge, and a furnace. We're so glad we went. We went to Police Lake. Our friends Trent, Tara, & Blake and Kendall, Julie, & Kyla all came too. We were a bit of a gong show with 6 people, 3 babies, and 5 dogs. But we were the only ones in the campsite.

Kinsey & Daddy:

Kinsey having a rest:

We decided to go for a walk and Tara and I asked Tim and Trent to get the babies in the strollers and this is what they did. Check out Kinsey's "cargo" -- poor Blake:
Kinsey hanging out in the trailer with her mitts on:
Kinsey in the stroller:
Did some fishing -- check out that giant fish Tim caught:
Kinsey with Mommy:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Newborn Photo Shoot

When Kinsey was 11 days old we had her newborn photo shoot by Silver Slides Photography. We love what Shanna did! It was Daddy's idea to have some pictures with the quad. I'll just post a few here and if you want to see more of the photos click here or go to the photo album of the side of our blog.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Splish Splash

It took a little while, but Kinsey sure likes her baths now. She just kicks and splashes the whole time. I couldn't get a very big smile though cuz she was so mesmerized by the camera. She wouldn't take her eyes off it and smile at Mommy. Hmmm, loves the camera already.

Now she only cries when I take her out of the tub.
But she's happy again after changing her towel. She peed in the other one before Mommy got a diaper on her!:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Swim Time

Last night Kinsey went swimming for the first time. She came in our hot tub with Mommy and Daddy. She loved it. The evening was so nice (no wind finally) and the three of us hung out in the water. Kinsey just chilled. But I think her diaper soaked up most of the water in the hot tub. It made her rather buoyant.

Here's Kinsey swimming at 6.5 weeks old:

Monday, October 13, 2008


Kinsey's very first occasion -- Thanksgiving. We spent some of this last weekend in Jaffray. We had to come back early for Tim's work. It was a whirlwind trip, but I'm so glad we went. I'm sure Kinsey was missing her Mama and Aunties.

We had such a great weekend. I love spending time with my mom and my three sisters. I feels so blessed to be able to call them my best friends. So many things to be grateful for. Before our turkey dinner we all go around the table and have to say something that we're thankful for. My list was so long to choose from. My heart has been so full. I love having little Kinsey in my life. She's such a joy! She's so smiley these days -- we love it!

Kinsey - 5 Weeks Old:
Kinsey's 1st Thanksgiving (Can you see her smiling?):
Wright Family Photo:

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Blustery Day

It really feels like I'm a part of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.
The wind is nuts here today. And ya know it's "blustery" when you look out your window and see the neighbors on either side of you each have their trampolines tied to their decks, but the new neighbors behind you apparently didn't get that memo and their trampoline looks like this (mangled) up against a nearby fence:

Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Fourth & Fourth

I saw this 4th and 4th Post over on this blog and I thought I'd do it too. I had to pick my fourth picture from my fourth folder on my computer and tell you about it. It's this one of me at 20 weeks pregnant with Kinsey back in April:
Yep, I remember thinking that I had quite the belly that day. Halfway done my pregnancy. Seems like I took this picture ages ago. Well, add another 20 weeks to that belly (plus an extra 9 days) and here's that same shirt:
So at the halfway mark I wore that shirt and the very last day I was pregnant I wore that shirt as Kinsey was born later that night.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

One Month Later

So back in April I told you that I'm a stomach sleeper, but with being pregnant I had to give that up. No problem right? Totally worth the trade. Well, Kinsey's turned one month old yesterday and I have to say I WAS a stomach sleeper, but not anymore. I now spend my nights sleeping on my back (I hate sleeping on my back) with my baby in my arms.

Tim and I were not going to have our baby in bed with us. Oh how we changed. We have this little girl that refuses to sleep on her own. Mommy and Daddy were very tired at nights trying to get her to sleep in her crib or cradle. We gave up. And after a month of sleepless nights Tim took the cradle out of our bedroom cuz we all know Kinsey won't use it and I'm tired of tripping on it and squishing around it. It was not fulfilling its purpose. It was just in the way. haha

I know we're not supposed to sleep with our babies. Trust me I know. But I just couldn't get Kinsey back to sleep in her own bed after she woke up to eat. I honestly tried -- for one full month.

I can't believe Kinsey's a month old already. At times it feels like it was just yesterday that I was impatiently waiting for her to arrive, but then at the same time it feels like she's always been here with us. We love her so much. I love being a mommy. It's priceless. I took Kinsey to be weighed and measured yesterday. In one month she went from 8lbs 8oz to 9lbs 15oz and she's an inch longer now. She's growing too fast. I want her to stay tiny forever.
So tell me your tricks? How do you get your baby to sleep in his/her own bed?