Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh So Tired!

Is it common to fall asleep with your sippy cup in one hand and a half eaten corndog in the other? This is my nephew Parker. He's about 17.5 months old. My sister went to put him in his crib and he still wouldn't let go of the corndog, so his entire nap was with food. Some kids sleep with blankies or stuffed animals, but Parker sleeps with his "num nums" (Parker's way of saying food). However now that I think about it, there are times that I would LOVE to eat myself to sleep.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Goodbye Rhodenizers

Well, today Josh, Shauna, and their three kids (Elise, Zac, & Thomas) are leaving Lethbridge and heading back to the US. This time they’re heading to Salt Lake City. We’ve sure enjoyed having them here in Lethbridge and so
close to us the past 4 months. We’ll miss them tons and wish them the best of luck. But we are excited to go and visit them in Utah. We love you guys!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

New Ward, New Callings

Well Tim and I went from a massive Ward in Lethbridge to Stirling. We blended-in in the old ward, but in Stirling I guess we stand out. It's just us and one other couple that are "young marrieds" with no babies. Needless to say it didn't take them long to find some callings for us. In Lethbridge Tim and I were ward missionaries. There were tons of us so I didn't really do anything, but Tim was lucky enough to be called to teach the Gospel Principles class. And now here in Stirling, well I get to teach the ladies in the Relief Society (fun eh?) and Tim was called right away to Elder's Quorum Presidency. Oh yes, we've got the good callings now. I've already taught a few times now and things went well, but this past Sunday was Tim's first time in the EQ Presidency. I'm sure we'll both survive. Tim also got asked to speak next Sunday too. No rest for the wicked, right?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Summer Update

Okay, so I think I've finally got this thing figured out -- maybe. Well I'll give you a quick update of our summer.

We'll start with June. June was a write off...completely. My sister Kimmy was married on June 17th to Brendan Yuill from Cardston. It went very well (even though it was super windy the day of). In addition to Kimmy's wedding, Tim and I found a house out in Stirling that we just loved. So of course, we had to put our house up for sale and pack and move (all in June). We listed our house and we sold it for $5500 more than our asking price in three days. Then we needed get banks and lawyer and all that fun moving stuff in order. We packed and moved and were living in Stirling by July 6th. Also Rachel and her family moved to Lethbridge. We love having them near by.

Now July...we got moved to Stirling, but we needed to unpack. We've got most of that done now (yes I know it's September). Our garage looks like a tornado passed through it still. But there was some outside stuff around the house that we needed to get done before it got cold. First we had to build a fence to keep our two dogs from running around Stirling. Tim also took our little balcony out back and made a huge deck for us. We had to (yes, had to) get our hot tub pad ready for our hot tub (I brought it with me from Lethbridge) and Tim hooked that up too. And that was our July. We got the house set up (and had my birthday).

Then onto August. We needed a break so we took a week off of work and headed to Las Vegas (it's a very long drive). We had a great time with family and then we spent two days on the Strip. It was soooo hot there though. When we got back to Canada I thought I was going to freeze to death and it was 27 degrees here. I guess I got used to the 45 degree in the shade in the desert. On our way home from Vegas we stopped in Salt Lake City for a day. We were able to go camping only once this summer. Shauna had a baby boy, Thomas. He's a cutie. However, Tim and I are now really falling behind on the baby count.

Now it's September and Fall is here. The summer seemed to fly by. I forgot to mention that Tim also switch jobs in August as well. He's still doing the same thing, electrical, but now he works for a company here in Lethbridge - Midland Electric. This winter he'll have his ticket and we'll be all done with the apprenticeship. Me...I'm still working for the Government. I really like my job (as far as jobs go anyways). The Mad Cow problem so far this year as well as the Anthrax outbreak in Manitoba this summer has kept us super busy. Keeps things interesting, right?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Still Trying

Well I'm still trying to figure this things out. It won't let me post a picture on our profile. Testing, testing, one, two, three...