Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Holidays

Christmas was GREAT! So much more fun with a little one (even if she totally didn't get it). We spent Christmas in BC as usual. Kinsey was the first one awake Christmas morning (shocking) and I decided that if Kinsey and her mommy have to be awake then everyone should. So we went around the house and woke everyone up. So here are some pictures of our Christmas.

Caroling on Christmas Eve:
Look what Santa left under the tree for me on Christmas Eve:
Kinsey was more interested in the bows than taking pictures (She got her Santa hat from Grandpa):
Kinsey's Christmas jammies (she's gonna love me for these later):
Christmas Morning:
Santa found Kinsey at Mama's house and brought her a farm set:
Jayda and Parker had a GT party on Boxing Day:
Can you see us through all the smoke?
If you want to see more of our Christmas pictures go check them out here. And I'm always updating Kinsey's album so check those out too.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dang It's COLD!

So it's been -30*C (and colder) almost all of December now. We're freezing. Our dogs have been living in our garage. We put them outside but with the windchill it's been like -44*C and they won't even put all four paws down at once. They stand on three legs and alternate which paw they hold up. And when they're tired of that, they set up camp on top of our hot tub (which they're not allowed on, but I made an exception this time) to try and get some heat from there. And then Friday night (about midnight) Tim was just finishing up work and went to to start the car....NO HEAT! The fan didn't even work. Nothing! He had to drive home in -40 with no heat (or defrost). Luckily the car's under warranty so we took it in yesterday to be fixed. It we weren't so mad about the heat not working I would have taken a pic of Tim. Kinsey and I were in the truck laughing at him. He had to drive into Lethbridge with frosted up windows. All he had to see was a little scraped hole to peek though. hehe We're FREEZING here in Canada!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kinsey's So Chatty!

This is what I live with - a VERY chatty 3.5 mth old baby. She's only quiet when eating or sleeping. No, I take that back. She's even a noisy eater. Here she is "talking" to her toy while she plays with it. She was this noisy while playing with this toy for about an hour. But it's not just this toy...she's just chatty all the time. Except for when the camera comes out (blank stare). But I tricked her and took this video on the web cam.

Kinsey Chatting Dec '08

Kinsey & Santa

I took Kinsey to the mall the other day and got a picture of her with Santa. She's such a smiley baby, but I think I've told you before that when the camera comes out she does a blank stare. We could NOT get her to smile with Santa. At least she's not crying right?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sweet Sweet Baby

So in trying to get Kinsey's Christmas card done and sent, I just realized I never showed you guys the birth announcement that we sent out when Kinsey was born. So here you go (3 mths late). And if you can't read the writing on the photo it says, "...from His hands to ours..."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Photos

Trying to get a Christmas photo of a 3 month old baby is HARD WORK. I either get a picture of her tongue stuck out trying to eat/lick her shirt like so: Or one like this:
Guess we'll try again tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Busy Busy

So we've been pretty busy lately. Tons has happened. We put up all our decorations for Christmas the other day. Totally love them! I'm so excited. We're all finished our Christmas shopping too and most are wrapped and under the tree. Now I can work on a few little projects that I have. And get my Christmas baking done too.

My Kinsey Baby is three months old already. What the heck eh? She's growing so fast. This last month she changed so much. She sleeps less during the day now, but she also entertains herself some. Yep, she's figured out her hands and love grab at things and put them to her mouth now. She loves the toys and lights on her Jumperoo (she hasn't figured out the jumping part yet). I took her to be weighed and measured and she's didn't gain much weight this last month (only a few ounces). She's now 12lbs 14oz. But she grew...she REALLY grew. She's now 25.5" long. Oh ya, my baby is gonna be tall just like her Auntie Kimmy.

And check out what I made today - a headband. Yep, all by myself. I'm so not good at this kind of stuff, but I have to say the headband turned out quite well. I even made the flower clip. I'm impressed with myself (hehe). My little model was tired though and didn't really want to take pictures. And she's still wearing her jammies in the pics. Oh well!