Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim!

Today was Tim's birthday. He had to work and I'm super sick (again) so we had his party on Sunday with family. We had dinner, cake, and presents. What more could he want right?

Mar30.08_Tim's 28th Birthday Party 011
Happy Birthday Tim! I love you more with each passing day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blake James - Born (Happy Easter)

Our best friends, Trent & Tara, welcomed a little boy to their family on Easter Day. Blake James was born just before 3:00 in the afternoon on Sunday March 23rd. He was 7lbs 10oz. His mommy did such a GREAT job as her contractions started Friday morning and she didn't deliver Blake until Sunday afternoon. We're so proud of her.

You know, I've been around a lot of babies. It seems like everyone I know has kids now or is pregnant with their first -- even us. However it still feels a little strange when your best friends have their first baby. It's been just the four of us for so long it seems. And now they have a BABY. Tara's a mommy and Trent's a daddy. It's so awesome, but it's still hard for me to really wrap my mind around it. Am I making any sense?

But in a few short month Tim & I will join the parenting band wagon. It's all just a little surreal today though. To think that Tara and I were originally both due in March (last time I was pregnant). I'm so excited for August. Our babies will only be 5 months apart. Just the thought of welcoming our new little one to OUR family makes me tear up. Sheesh, I'm always so weepy these days (still blaming those pregnancy hormones).

CONGRATULATIONS TRENT & TARA! We love the three of you so much!

Uncle Tim with Blake:
Mar23.08_Blake James Rasmussen - Born 012
Auntie Ashlee with Blake:
Mar23.08_Blake James Rasmussen - Born 001
Mommy & Daddy with Blake:
Mar23.08_Blake James Rasmussen - Born 005

**Okay Ashlee, wipe the tears away and get back to work.**

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sew Wonderful

I know most of you can sew like crazy. Me? Not so much. So the fact that I made a baby blanket all on my own is remarkable.

It all started at Christmas when my mom bought me a sewing machine and told me that it was for me to make baby blankets with. Ya okay Mom!

I headed out to Wal-Mart, and with the help of the kind sales lady there in that department, we figured out how much material I would need and what supplies I should purchase. I came home with this:

Feb24.08_Rag Baby Blanket 005

I spent so much money getting my "start-up" sewing kit. Oh well. I started on cutting out the 8x8 squares. Ya the first half dozen or so that I cut out I measured a little wrong so they weren't completely square. Whatever! I wasn't going to recut them all. I'll just make them work. See, I told you I knew ALL about sewing.

Feb24.08_Rag Baby Blanket 011

Then onto the X-ing of the squares. Well let me tell you, by the time I got to the last few of the 35 squares I didn't even need to draw guide lines on the fabric to help me sew in a straight line. I'm such a quick learner -- hehe.

Feb24.08_Rag Baby Blanket 012

Now just laying out the pattern. I had to lay it out on the table cuz otherwise I probably would have screwed up on the sequence when sewing it together.

Feb24.08_Rag Baby Blanket 024

All put together. Now onto the cutting of all those seams. My hand cramped during that part.

Mar2.08_Rag Baby Blanket (3)

And here's the almost final project. I had to empty the lint trap on my dryer at least 100 times while trying to get the rag look of this blanket. And now the blanket is all wrinkled *sigh*. I'll take care of the wrinkles later.

Mar13.08_Pink Rag Baby Blanket 005

Not too shabby for my first sewing project eh? Don't look too closely at it cuz you'll notice all the mistakes, but I'm sure my baby won't mind. Actually now that I made a pink blanket I'll probably end up having a boy and need a blue one. Perhaps I'll tackle blue fabric next....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tiny Bubbles

Wohoo! I can feel our baby wiggling around! I'm so excited. I started recognizing the feeling Friday afternoon at 16 weeks exactly. I don't feel them when I'm up and moving around, but if I sit for a while I can totally feel it now and then. And I've finally found the bonus of having a job where you sit ALL DAY LONG....I get to feel my baby wiggling. Oh and I know that everyone has a different way of describing the feeling, but I totally don't think it feels like butterflies/flutters. To me it felt like a tiny bubble popped and now that I feel it more often it feels just like a little flick. Oh I just love it!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Heartbeat @ 16 weeks

Yep, I bought this:


The Hi Bebe BT-200 Fetal Doppler / Heart Rate Monitor. I know, I'm one of those people. It arrived yesterday and I LOVE IT! We were able to find out baby's heatbeat without too much trouble (once we figured out how to use it properly). We even phoned Mama & Bupbup (ya that's what Jayda & Parker call Gramma & Grampa) and let them listen to our baby over the phone. And it wasn't even that expensive. All I know is on Monday I went to Wal-Mart just to pick up milk and material sizzors and I ended up spending more money than what this doppler cost on pretty much nothing...and forgot the milk. I read a million different reviews on the internet about this model and everyone seems to love it. However I had to promise Tim before I order this that IF we couldn't find the heartbeat at home with it one day that I would NOT freak out and think there was something wrong with our baby. Wohoo! 16 weeks today! Now if our baby would just start wiggling enough so that I could feel him/her that would be GREAT!

How far along were you (with your 1st pregnancy) when you felt your baby move for the first time?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Going Car Seat Bonkers!

I never thought it would be this hard to pick out a car seat. It's driving me bonkers. It's nothing like buying a crib or a stroller or a high chair. With a crib you try and just get the best bang for your buck and a stroller is pretty much personal preference. And then there's the car seat....

Have you tried buying a car seat lately that is NOT part of a travel system? The selection is rather slim. I don't want a travel system -- I want to buy my car seat separate from my stroller. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so. I've gone everywhere and to get a car seat on it's on...well each store only has one there for you to pick from. Nice! And I'm not so sure I want to order one online cuz who knows what it'll actually be like. I wanna touch it and hold it first. hehe And if finding a car seat isn't hard enough...try and match your purchase to the consumer reports and the government recommended car seats. It would be nice if we could buy a car seat from the other side of the border (way more selection)...but NO -- the law makers in Canada don't allow that. And buying a used seat is another huge no no. Sheesh! My head is going to explode.

So tell me...which car seat do you have? I'm talking rear facing (infant) car seats. Do you like your's? Where'd you get it? What suggestions do you have for me? Gah!

Side Note: The reason I don't want a travel system is because I must have a stroller with the rubber inflatable tires (a jogger) and there is only ONE in Lethbridge that's a travel system and the reviews I've read on it are terrible and my sister-in-law has it and she doesn't like the car seat. And I found the one I really want and it's not part of a travel system. I don't want a jogger because I plan on jogging all the time, but because where I am planning on using a stroller there are no sidewalks or cement. I live in the boondocks with gravel roads and I want a stroller to take camping (gravel & dirt) and to take to my parents (no sidewalks - just rocks). And in all those places those plastic spinning wheels don't fair so well. They're great for the mall and sidewalks...neither of which are me.