Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas Lights & Baking

After my venting this morning and my update on Friday of what we were up to mid December. Let’s move on to the end of December and talk a little about getting ready for Christmas.

We went out and bought a bunch of outside Christmas decorations. Of course the day we plan on putting them out it had to have been the coldest night we’ve had all winter. That wind cut right through ya. But we got them up with our frozen fingers. It for sure wins over last year’s. But I'm no photographer -- I find it VERY difficult to take a picture of outside lights. So just trust me that they looked good in person. See the presents under the tree in our yard?

Christmas Decorations & Lights_Dec20.07 (4)

Can you see Santa climbing our chimney?
Christmas Decorations & Lights_Dec20.07 (11)

I did some Christmas baking again this year. They turned out much better than my last year’s disaster. They look yummy right? I’ve been told they were. I didn’t eat them. The morning sickness kept me from enjoying the sweets. Blah! However Tim was a little upset that I didn't icing the sugar cookies. It was 11 pm and I was tired. No icing for you!
Christmas Baking_Dec20.07 (2)


Kim said...

Mmm, poor Tim, love the icing. I ate about 50 sugar cookies all by myself this season. I need to work it off big time. It is so worth it. SO sorry to hear about the morning sickness! Hope you are feeling better. Morning sickness is a good sign right? RIGHT!

Skye and Aaron said...

You baked while sick????? Amazing! I cooked our first meal in 4 months last night! I just couldn't do it! Love all the decorations! Especially the big lights up the driveway. Those are so cute!

Ashlee said...

All the outside lights are from the Superstore. At 50% off too!!

And I'll amit that I didn't do the baking while sick. My morning sickness didn't kick in till a few days after this (Christmas Eve to be exact). Now that I'm sick...I have done NOTHING. hehe