Friday, August 03, 2007


I haven't been able to get into blogger in ages. I am.

I'm doing well...for the most part. Some days are worse than others. How come no one told me about the puking? Ya, puking in a public toilet at work..not so cool. Oh I guess you did tell me the crappy parts of being pregnant here, here, again here, another time here, once here, etc. I must have ignored that. Ah it's all worth it, right?

I'm lucky though. I have a "puking partner" as we call it. Yep, our very best friends are also expecting their first baby in March. They just found out. Actually Tara's not just due in March like me. We are due ONE DAY apart! Ya, you heard right. Now the question is: Who gets the 'It's a girl!' cup and sleeper? What is that you ask? Let me explain:

Tim and Trent met back in 2000 while on their missions. They were missionary companions. And it turns out they had way too much in common. When they got home from their missions Trent called Tim up and they went horseback riding. From there on out they were best friends. The two of them even lived together. Trent and Tara were married in May 2003. Tara moved in with both Trent and Tim (what a good woman). Christmas 2003 Tim gave Trent and Tara an "It's a girl!" mug and pink sleeper. The joke is both Tim and Trent swear they're gonna have boys first. On Trent & Tara's 1st anniversary Tim and I got engaged and married later that year. And it just all works out. The four of us are the best of friends. Well Christmas 2004 we got the mug and each Christmas following we exchange the mug. Tim and I have it on display in our living room right now. The mug has sparked many questions in both the Nilsson & Rasmussen homes as it's ALWAYS on display. The pink sleeper is now more of a grey color from the dust. This Christmas it goes back to Trent & Tara and then we'll see who gets it in March. So there you have it. It's not every day that someone gets to have a baby at the same time as her best friend. I can already see the day: Tara and I in the delivery room together. Separated by a curtain, but holding hands. While our dear husbands are sipping A&W Rootbeer and talking horses, guns, and trucks outside the room and thinking (but not sharing with the other) that a little girl would be so wonderful if they didn't get their boy.


moosh in indy. said...

Hey pregnant ladies, an Albertian who knows both of you just moved in down the street. She didn't bring any Wunderbars.
Good luck on being knocked up.

Beth said...

I love your post! (I found you through skye) and I gotta say. We were due one day apart. She went three days over, I went ten! The boys are 8 days apart! It's fun, but we didn't get our chance to be in the hospital together (we were hoping!). Maybe you two will get to!!!
oh, and congrats on the pregnancy!!!

Beattie Gang said...

Hey wanted to say congratulations! IT's so exciting and how perfect to have someone to go through it all with you!
Cograts again,
The Beatties

Kim said...

Welcome back, have missed you. If I come and photograph your birth, can I have a box of Wunderbars?

Skye and Aaron said...

Love it! So fun! As Beth said, we were due 1 day apart, and we LOVED it. Well at least it did. She had already had 1, so i could bounce anything and everything off her! It was so nice to have someone you love so much to talk to about the whole thing, and to have them going through it too! I hope your puking ends soon!!!! Oh---Kim----come up here and i'll buy you all the wunderbars you want!!!

Carrie said...

Sorry to hear about the puking! Still a little too recent for me to have forgotten all about my morning sickness! Yuck!

Hey- by Christmas you and your best friend should know what you're having. If you two have ultrasounds done. Someone can possibly make the mug a permanent residence by then! He he! How fun!

Carrie said...

Just saw your ticker! You only have a month left of the morning sickness trimester! Hopefully you won't go any longer than that! Fingers crossed!

Hope you're feeling ok! Thinking about ya!