Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh Ya It's Cold

So I told you it was cold and this morning I took a picture of the temperature displayed in my truck on the way to work. Yes, it says -30. And that doesn't count the windchill which the radio says is around -39 again this morning. The other pictures are of Tim and I hot-tubing last night. Tim got his hair wet (not so smart in temperatures like these) and it froze in a mohawk. It's hard to see in the photos cuz of the steam that was coming off the water, but his hair was pure white.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Oh ya, it's freezing here. It's been super cold for almost a week now. Yep, the weather station said with the wind chill our high will be -39 degrees Celsius today. Nice eh? Oh and for our family in the US, that's around -38 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, we're freezing in Southern Alberta. We actually have snow too. I'm sure we'll have a Chinook soon and it'll all disappear. But right now it's pretty.

I don't think our pets are loving it though. Their water keeps freezing. Which leaves Tim and I to haul buckets of water to our two horses and the dogs daily. We do have an electric water heater for our horses water trough, but in order to get it to work we have to string an electrical cord across our backyard and the problem is we have Dexter who LOVES to chew everything: hoses, buckets, sprinklers, extension cords, etc.

Tim's been working outside some lately, so we bought him some nice outdoor work clothes. Now he has insulated pants and coat. He says it's much warmer. The thick material stops the wind from blowing right through him.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Decorations

Okay Mom, you asked me to post some pictures of our decorations. Well, they're really hard to photograph. They look pretty terrible in these pictures. But at least it'll give you a good idea. You'll be here the beginning of December so you'll see then why I love what Tim's done. The photos just don't cut it. I bought a centerpiece yesterday and that's on here too. It's much prettier in real. It's all sparkly and stuff. I'm also adding a picture of a gift I received from my aunt. It is a photo of Jospeh, Mary, & baby Jesus.


So I told you all not too long ago how fuzzy Jet is now. Ya, it's chilly out and he's a big fuz ball. However, he no longer has a mohawk and his tail is much longer than before. I took some pictures of him the other morning to show you. The quality isn't that great cuz it was early in the morning and the sun wasn't up yet, but it was too bright to use my flash. Bad lighting. Tomorrow Jet will be 7 months old.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hanging Pictures

Okay so we moved to Stirling July 6th and just a day or two ago I finally got around to hanging my pictures on the walls. I know what you're thinking. However, now it's done. Well my main level is done. I haven't hung any upstairs (don't rush me). So I took some pictures of my pictures to show you. Oh and I also bought these letters that spell FAMILY just this weekend and really wanted them up. They were my inspiration to hanging the others. Now I just need a picture of my family hung under the word. We'll see how long that will take me.

Monday, November 20, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So yesterday Tim and I tried to put some lights on the outside of our house. Well no such luck. Even with a tall latter we couldn't reach everything. So it ended up we had a straight string of lights along the top of our garage, a break, then another straight string above our window. Too ugly. With the peak over our main door we couldn't reach that part. And you can't really tell from this photo (taken back in June before we bought this house) but the slope of the roof is super crazy so we couldn't even stand on the roof to decorate the peak above the door. So instead we bought two spot lights (one red & one green) and pointed them at the house, put a lighted snowman thingy at the front door, and tried to string some lights on our tree in the front yard. We ran out after the first three wraps around the tree. I'll have to pick some up tonight. Maybe I can talk Tim into putting some lights around our doors and windows (fancy eh?). Ya our neighbours are totally showing us up with their decorations.

Okay I found a picture that shows the slope of the roof way better. See, that's why standing on our roof is almost impossible.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree...

Yes, we did it. We put up our Christmas tree. I figured why not. Christmas is less than 6 weeks away. So last night we hauled our decorations out of the basement and we put everything out. It looks like we have way less in this new house. I guess if you go from 900 sq ft to 1600 sq ft house it'll look emptier. Maybe I'll go shopping to get some more decorations. This year (for the 1st time since we've been married) we're going to decorate the outside of our house. Yipee! We haven't been able to in the past cuz we don't own a ladder. Well we still don't own one, but now living in Stirling, my uncle is just down the road and he has one. I'm excited. If Tim didn't have to work every Saturday then maybe we could get them up. Anywho, here are some pictures of us decorating the tree last night.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm Bored

TV show:
America's Next Top Model
Flower: Lilacs
Movie: The Notebook (it's now entered my Classic Movies that I could watch over and over again such as Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, Legend of the Falls, etc)
Sport: On TV would have to be Hockey, but in person I like it all
Actor: Brad Pitt has been my favorite for years and years
Music: I like it all, but Hip Hop or Pop is probably my favorite
Season: Bring back Summer!
Book: I don't read

Fernie, BC
Hometown: Stirling, AB
Height: 5' 7"
Hair color: Blondish these days
Hair length: The longest it's been since Grade 11
Hair style: Poker Straight (stupid hair won't curl)
Eye color: Blue
Shoe size: 8
Citizenship: Canadian

Do you have a love life?:
Have you ever been in love?: Yes
Why did your last relationship fail?: Well I'm married so I guess I'd have to think back to my dating ended cuz my husband (who was a stranger to me at the time) asked for my number in front of my current guy and I gave it to him, but the relationship wasn't going anywhere anyways.
Have you ever been heartbroken?: Sure
Have you ever broken someone's heart?: Ummm a guy or two seemed pretty hurt back in my dating days
Have you ever fallen for your best friend?: No, but Tim is my best friend now (does that count?)
Are you planning on getting married?: Been there, done that
Are your bridesmaids going to wear sailor suits?: No, they wore mint green dresses (you can see them in my
photo album)

Love or lust?:
Hard liquor or beer?: Ummmm
Night or day?: Day
Saturday or Sunday?: Saturday (or do I have to choose Sunday cuz of church?)
Colored or black and white picture?: I like B&W, but I always do color for some reason

Have you ever been caught sneaking out?
Where would I go if I snuck out in Jaffray...honestly? There was no place to sneak to.
Have you ever done something you regret?:Sure
Have you ever been on a house boat?: No, but I want to one day
Have you ever had your revenge?: Once
Have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker?: Yep when I was younger.

Have you ever stayed up all night until the sun came up?: Yes, for After Grad Party and once while hanging out with a friend

Are you missing someone right now?: My family
Are you happy? You betcha
Are you bored?: Why else would I be doing this?
Are you German?: No
Are you Italian?: No
Are you French?: Non (there's some French for ya)
Are your parents still married?: Yeppers
Are you into someone right now?: My husband!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And November's Here

Well November is now upon us. I don’t have much of an update for everyone. Things have been pretty much the same for Tim and I. Tim’s still having fun with the Stirling Fire Department. It’s keeping him extremely busy on top of his regular job as a electrician and church stuff. I’ll have to get a picture of him all dressed up. And what I am up to? I’m not really sure. My days zip by and I feel as though I get nothing accomplished.
We don’t get to do a whole lot with our horses these days. It’s dark when we leave for work and dark when we get home. Our foal, Jet, didn’t care for the snow last week and now he’s super fuzzy with his lovely winter coat. He’s friendly and loves people (which is nice). He’s also really good around our two crazy dogs. They’re pretty wild and yet Jet is fine with them (his mama is the same way). Jet will let both Diesel and Dexter eat out of the same bowl as him. And I don’t know why my dogs like grain, but they do.
With it now being November, we’ve started looking around for a few Christmas gift ideas. A lady told me last week that her house already has all her Christmas decorations up. I’m not quiet there yet. I think I’ll leave my Fall pumpkins and scarecrows up for a bit longer. I don’t have Christmas fever yet. I think it’s because all our snow melted last weekend. When is it okay to put your Christmas decorations up? My neighbor has his lights up. Is it too early?
So that’s a little update from us (well mostly me). Tim’s my silent partner when it comes to this whole Blogging thing. Occasionally I can get him to sit down for a second to read what I post, but that’s about it.