Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 29th Timmy!

Today is Tim's 29th Birthday! We did three different parties. First we had a birthday breakfast Saturday morning. While Tim was working afternoon shift we decorated. When he got home at midnight the kitchen was all ready for the breakfast. Okay I admit, the decorations were more for me than for Tim. hehe

Then we did a birthday dinner here at home on Sunday with cake and candles and such. On his actual birthday we went out for dinner. Three parties! Kinsey and I got him a new BBQ for his birthday. We totally surprised him. Oh ya we're sneaky cuz I love a good surprise.

Happy Birthday Tim! We love you to pieces!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Craft

She did it and I loved it, so I had to do it too. My sister and her three kids came to spend a few days with Kinsey and I. We had a blast. And because my sister loves doing crafts with her kids I thought this one would be perfect for all of us to do. I'm so not crafty but even I didn't screw this one up. It's so cute. But I have to admit that I couldn't make the bow - Jenn made it for me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Poor Kinsey

Kinsey has been so sick this last week. It has not been fun. I feel so bad for her. I took her to the doctor yesterday and I really thought he'd just send me away saying that she just has a cold. But not the case. She has a middle ear infection in both ears. Ouch! I guess that would explain why she's been on painkillers for days now. So she's got a bad cold, a double ear infection, and she's teething (lucky her second tooth cut through the other day). We're exhausted. We haven't been sleeping. And I can't keep blankets on Kinsey. She has these bicycle legs that kick all blankets off. And she's so wiggly. She's all over in her crib. I checked on her at 6:00 this morning and this is how I found her:
When I placed her in her crib her feet were at the other end and she was sleeping on her back. She's a crazy sleeper. And thank goodness we got the King bed. She joined us in bed this morning and this is how she flipped around. She'll toss and turn till she gets on her tummy. So we have this big bed and she sleeps sideways on one size and Tim and I "cuddle" on the other side. And my nose was right by her peed diaper. Lovely smell to sleep next to.
But I'm so not complaining cuz at least she was sleeping. We've been up for hours in the night with her coughing, ear aches, snotty noses, and gooey eyes. My poor Kinsey. I hope she's better soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I feel like a Queen - no, a King! I got a new bed today. A giant bed. A bed that will fit all three of us. I'm so excited! After 6 months of me, Tim, and Kinsey all squishing together in our bed we decided on an upgrade (Yes, Kinsey seems to end up in our bed by morning). I'm so excited to go to sleep tonight. Only one draw back....I have no bedding. All of my stuff is for a queen bed. I'm needing some king size sheets. I placed a few orders on some bedding and I'm still waiting for them. This is also why you don't get a pic of the bed. You have to wait till I decide on some bedding before I take a picture.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Cushiony Love

So we did what most people think is the most ridiculous thing to possibly do. We put carpet in our house....well in our living room and up the stairs. The carpet layer guy came to our house and looked at our empty living room then turned to me and said, "Please tell me I'm going upstairs." I told him that the living room was where we were putting the carpet. And this is how the rest of the conversation went:

Carpet Guy: So you want me to cover your hardwood floor?
Me: Yes.
Carpet Guy: Your brand new hardwood floor?
Me: Yes.
Carpet Guy: Your sight finished hardwood floor?
Me: Yes.
Carpet Guy: Your beautiful hardwood floor?
Me: I know. We're crazy!

But I love it! It took a bit for me to get used to it, but now I just love it. Kinsey loves it too. Now she likes to play on the floor (we got the thick cushiony padding) and with her now sitting it doesn't hurt so much when she tips over. My house doesn't echo so much now. It's nice. And the stairs are no longer slippery. Those things were beautiful, but they were a death trap. The carpet has already been broken in. Blake peed on it the very first day - he's lucky he's cute! Just kidding, well sorta - he only got a few drips on the carpet.

But we didn't get rid of all the hardwood. Our hallways, kitchen, dining room, and upstairs are still hardwood. And the carpet guy was very careful not to damage the floor in our living room. So we can pull the carpet up and have the hardwood back one day.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Six Months Already!

Why is time going so fast? Kinsey is 6 months old! I can't believe it. Wasn't it just yesterday that she was brand new? I guess not.

I took her for her 6 mth shots the other day. She did so well. She didn't even cry! She only fussed a little cuz I had her arm pinned down for the needle, but as soon as I let her arm go she was happy again. And while we were at the clinic I had her weighed.... 15lbs 10oz. Despite LOVING her cereal and other solid foods she's still a thin little girl. But she's healthy.

Kinsey and I had a pretty long week last week. She was fussy which isn't normal for her. I was blaming the fussiness and her first fever ever on her immunizations that she had earlier in the week. But I was wrong. Her first tooth popped through. Ahhh! I was hoping she wasn't going to have any for a while yet cuz.... she's a biter (if ya know what I mean). Yep, she got her first tooth at exactly 6 months old. I guess that explains why she started drooling.

Oh and she's been sitting by herself now for the last couple of weeks. She loves being on the floor surrounded by toys. She only tips over every once and a while when she has to reach too far for the stuff that I've purposely put out of her reach like my cell or the TV remote. Why are those two things her favorite?

I took her yesterday to get her 6 mth photos done and to get her passport photo. I love how her photos turned out. The photographer and I looked like fools trying to get her to do just the right smile. She only tipped over once and bonked her head. A few pictures had some pretty red eyes in them. But her passport one is so funny. I guess passport pictures aren't always the best, eh? Gosh, mine is terrible. At least she's still cute in hers. hehe Now I gotta get the papers all filled out so we can take her across the border.

Being a mom is the best job ever. I love the opportunity I have to be at home with Kinsey. She's such a joy. Both her daddy and I love her to pieces. Her little laugh (which is more of a big laugh like her daddy's) is way too cute. What an awesome sound! I'm so blessed! How did I get this lucky?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

So I didn't get a chance to tell you about our Valentine's weekend in Jaffray. We had such a good time. It was great to hang out and spend some time with family. Saturday morning we packed up all the stuff for breakfast and took it over to my sister's house to celebrate her 30th birthday (Yes her bday is on Valentine's Day). It was fun. Us girls and kids hung out all afternoon while the guys went for a snowmobile ride. Mama bought her grandbabies some super cute Valentine glasses.

Kinsey with her cousins Jayda, Parker, & Danyca:

(So just a little side note here. I have a cute story that I wanted to tell you. So my nephew Parker is such a nice little boy. He's so kind to Kinsey and just loves talking to her. When we were in Jaffray in January Parker (who's 3 yrs old) came up to Kinsey and placed his cheek against hers and said, "Oh Kinsey, will you marry us?" It was the cutest thing in the world.)
Happy Valentine's Day!
And that evening we all went out to the steak dinner and dance that the community put on. I haven't been to a dance in ages and I loved it.
Kinsey loving Auntie B (just before dinner):
Kinsey dancing with Mama:
And then Sunday was wonderful. My cousin who lost her little baby boy just over two years ago FINALLY was able to adopt. She went to Florida and picked up her little baby. He's so tiny and so cute. And we all got to meet him on Sunday when she got back to Canada. So happy for them!
Kinsey & Jonas: