Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mouse > Dog

My dog ate mouse poison. You know those green blocks that if a mouse eats them they'll die and then dry up and turn to dust (so you don't a find dead stinky mouse) -- like these ones. Did ya notice on their website they warn you to keep it away from dogs & cats. Ooops! Actually, we have no clue how he got into it. It was in one of those metal bait boxes. To be honest we weren't even sure which dog ate it or if they both had some. However the next day it was pretty easy to tell which one had. Dexter was S.I.C.K.! He had a few very bad days. The exterminator said what he ate wasn't enough to kill a dog his size, but boy did it make him sick. He wouldn't eat and yet we really needed him to eat to get the stuff moving through him. I even made a fancy treat for him with some cooked sausages with gravy over it. He wasn't interested. I had to literally spoon feed each bite into him. I felt bad for him, but at the same time I was ticked. Anywho, it's been a week now and he seems to be over it. Dex didn't turn to dust!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sigh of Relief

Wohoo! It was fixed under warranty. Didn't cost us a penny (not even in gas to get it to the shop). A guy in our Ward has a Kawasaki dealership about 1.5 hrs away from where we live (we didn't know this when we bought our quad or we would have bought from him), but he came to our house, picked up the quad, and then delivered it when it was all done. Talk about service!!

Sep3 07_Quading in Jaffray (1)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

May Long - Traditions

Some traditions just can't be broken. And one tradition that we have is May Long weekend is spent with Trent & Tara (and now Blake). We take turns planning:

In 2006 Trent & Tara took us to Kalispell area and we had a blast (in the rain).

May19-22 06_Camping in Montana 017
May19-22 06_Camping in Montana 163
May19-22 06_Camping in Montana 145

Last year (2007) we took Trent & Tara to Lewis & Clark Caverns in Montana. Found some rain again and some snow on the way home, but once again we had tons of fun.
May18-21 07_Camping in Montana 080
May18-21 07_Camping in Montana 115

But this year it was a little harder to get out for the long weekend. Tim had shift work all weekend long and Trent & Tara had a baptism on Saturday and some exchange students coming on Sunday. We still made the most of it. Tim got off work Friday night at 6pm and he didn't have to be back to work until 6pm Saturday night. So we had 12 hours...and we were going camping. Some people in Trent & Tara's ward have a bunch of land down on the river in that's where we went. Trent & Tara also bought a trailer this spring so no more tenting for all of us (camping's getting more pricey though cuz now we can't a share site and have to pay for gas in two vehicles to pull two trailers -- eek). Anywho, even though it was rushed we had a good time. I think Blake loved his first camping trip. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! It was so hot. And me being so prego now, I no longer have any shorts or capris that fit -- the baby and I sweated to death. Tim took me out on Monday to buy some maternity capris. However since that day it has rained non stop here in Southern Alberta. I think we're drowning!! Come on...bring back the sun so we can go camping again!
May16-17.08_May Long Camping (7)
May16-17.08_May Long Camping (4)

So our May Long weekend was cut VERY short this year, but I'm glad we were able to make it out. Even if it was for only a sleepover.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

26 Weeks Pregnant!

We're still adding to our baby supplies collection. We're getting closer to being ready for August. I bought a little pink sleeper and a little blue sleeper and we'll see which one gets returned to Wal-Mart. And my mom went to the States a couple of weekends ago and picked me up a Bumbo Seat. They're $20 cheaper there than here in Canada. We tried it out on my niece Danyca.

Danyca Rose
I had my regular doctor's appointment last week. The baby is measuring bang on. Not too big, not too small. Which is nice cuz last month I was measuring almost 2 weeks ahead. But now we're back on schedule. And I got the results from our ultrasound -- the baby's doing great! I also had to do my Gestational Diabetes test. You know, the glucose one. Everyone told me such horror stories about drinking the orange stuff. Thank goodness for my sister Jenn and my friend Tara who BOTH told me it's nothing to sweat about. Just two glasses of orange pop. I found it easy and I'm glad. The nurse said most pregnant woman have a really hard time getting the drink down and keeping it down. Orange pop is not my favorite, but it was easy for me to drink at least. Anywho, here's a baby bump picture at 26 weeks:
May17.08_Pregnant 26wks 1 day (25)
Not a whole lot bigger than my 22 weeks pic, but the baby is getting so much stronger. He/she can easily kick the TV remote off of my tummy now. And yes I know all my tummy pics have been headless. It's cuz Tim's never around when I'm taking these and I can't back up far enough from the mirror to get my face and tummy in the same shot.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Camping Trip – Fort Steele, BC

Last Friday we headed out on our first camping trip of the year. We were going to Fort Steele, BC to meet up with my parents and sisters (and their families). It’s about a 4 hour drive and we didn’t leave our house till after 7:00 pm. Too many things to get worked out on the first time camping for the year (remember last year). And it was the first time out with our new trailer. But we were so excited. We got the trailer packed and the quad loaded and headed on our way.
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off camping we go...

May9-11.08_Fort Steele-Camping & Quading 002

The drive took us forever as we had a lot of weight for our truck to haul (with the trailer and the quad). So we drove slowly and stopped a few times to check out how the trailer and such were doing. Tim had never been to Fort Steele before but at about 11:00 pm we saw the sign that said only 6 km more to the campsite. We were at the top of this huge hill that overlooks Fort Steele and we just had to get to the bottom of it. No sooner had I said to Tim that we were almost there when heard “it”! Yep, we had a flat…no we had a blowout!
Not much left of that tire, eh?

May9-11.08_Fort Steele-Camping & Quading 006

Remember last year when we went camping and got a flat? Why the heck does this keep happening to us?

I called my Dad and told him we were sitting at the top of the hill with a tire blowout on our trailer. Dad, Brendan, and Kimmy came to help us. At least this time (unlike last year) we now have a jack in our truck – two of them actually. Kimmy and I went back to the campfire and Tim, Dad, and Brendan showed up later. So it was midnight when Tim was trying to set up our trailer in the campsite. Lovely!

May9-11.08_Fort Steele-Camping & Quading 004

May9-11.08_Fort Steele-Camping & Quading 007

On Saturday the weather was kinda crappy. It was chilly and rainy. Tim, Dad, and Brendan went for a quad ride while us girls took the kids into Fort Steele and hung around the campsite. When Tim got home from the quad ride he noticed he had oil sprayed all over him. So if the new tire we had to buy that morning wasn’t pricey enough for this camping trip, now Tim’s quad has decided to spit oil everywhere. Tim and Brendan took the quad apart but couldn’t find where the oil came from. Perfect! Now our quad is down and out just like when we were camping at Pole Haven last year. But what’s camping without a flat tire and a quad problem right?
Here’s the quad all pulled apart:

May9-11.08_Fort Steele-Camping & Quading 009

However Saturday evening was great. We did a huge BBQ for Britnee’s 19th Birthday and for Mother’s Day. It was yummy! And then the girls all went to the live play Aida that was put on by the local high school. It was so good. Amazing actually! Jenn bought us tickets for Mother’s Day. How sweet eh? I loved the play.

We left the campsite Sunday morning. After church in Jaffray we headed back home for work Monday morning. It’s was an expensive weekend. But boy did we have fun!

Jumping Ship

Last week (May 7th) Tim started a new job. Yes, another new job. He’s now working at McCain. You know McCain…like French fries and stuff.


So he’s doing pretty much the same work he was doing at Lamb Weston (Maintenance Journeyman Electrician), but he (we) decided that McCain would be a better fit for us for the following reasons: a) 17 minute drive one way to McCain vs a 45 minute one way drive to Lamb Weston cuz we all know how cheap gas is these days (ugh) and b) better shift schedule (4 on 4 off schedule vs a 2, 2, 3 schedule). I’m really excited about the 4 days off stuff for camping this summer. Yipee!

So Tim’s been doing Monday to Friday (8 hr shifts) right now while he’s being trained. He’s first day of shift work starts Thursday. And yes, that means he works Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the May Long weekend.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Being Replaced

Remember how much quading Tim and I did last year? I've mentioned it here, here, posted some videos here, talked about it again here, another time here, and here too. And that doesn't even come close to the number of pictures I've posted on facebook. We went everywhere...TOGETHER! I had a permanent seat on the back of Tim's quad. However I think he just took me along to photograph and video the "cool stuff". I was okay with that. I LOVE QUADING! We had so much fun. But now my seat has been replaced.

Jun2 07_Quading in Jaffray 006

(sorry the pic is bad as it was too dark outside)
May5.08_Quading with Dogs (3)

With a little one in my tummy these days I've had to pass on the quad rides. But Tim's not riding alone. My seat has been replaced with a rack that our two dogs, Diesel & Dex, sit on and ride around with him. I'm bummed about missing all the quading this summer, but WAY MORE excited to be pregnant. Only a few more months and we'll get to meet our baby. Wohoo!

On an entirely different note, we sold our old trailer yesterday (yipee!) and this weekend we're going camping in our new one. We're excited! However I have to go out of town for the rest of this week for work, which leaves Tim to pack the trailer all on his lonesome. I'll leave him a list.