Monday, May 07, 2007

Quading Overload!

Friday after work Tim and I loaded up our quad and headed to my parent's place in Jaffray. We needed to do some serious quading in the mountains. We had a blast. My dad had to work Saturday morning so my sister Kimmy and her husband Brendan borrowed my dad's quad and the four of us headed out. We couldn't get to the top of the mountain cuz the snow is still too deep up there, but we did drive near some waterfalls and then hiked down to the falls (it was super steep and I was sure winded climbing back out).
Tim & I at the first waterfall.
Tim at the top of the cliff looking over the second waterfall.
Me too chicken to stand on the edge, so lying down on the cliff to look over the second waterfall.
Me & Kimmy at the top of the second waterfall.
And then that evening Tim and I went out with my dad and his dog Kodiak. Dad knows all the great back roads and quading trails around Jaffray. We went so many places.
Me, Tim, & Kodi (yes the dog rides on the back seat) riding the on the pipeline.
Tim & I at Lake Koocanusa. There's no water in it right now. They'll fill it in the summer.
Koocanusa is great in the spring if you want to play in the mud. Dad got stuck in a huge mud hole and it took Tim almost 20 minutes to winch him out. Dad had to get off his quad (check out how muddy he is).
Back in Jaffray all muddy, but Dad was for sure the worst!
I didn't get muddy as I was videoing Tim and Dad playing in the mud. I'll post some video later.

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Kim said...

Fun, fun, FUN, and completely JEALOUS!