Sunday, May 18, 2008

26 Weeks Pregnant!

We're still adding to our baby supplies collection. We're getting closer to being ready for August. I bought a little pink sleeper and a little blue sleeper and we'll see which one gets returned to Wal-Mart. And my mom went to the States a couple of weekends ago and picked me up a Bumbo Seat. They're $20 cheaper there than here in Canada. We tried it out on my niece Danyca.

Danyca Rose
I had my regular doctor's appointment last week. The baby is measuring bang on. Not too big, not too small. Which is nice cuz last month I was measuring almost 2 weeks ahead. But now we're back on schedule. And I got the results from our ultrasound -- the baby's doing great! I also had to do my Gestational Diabetes test. You know, the glucose one. Everyone told me such horror stories about drinking the orange stuff. Thank goodness for my sister Jenn and my friend Tara who BOTH told me it's nothing to sweat about. Just two glasses of orange pop. I found it easy and I'm glad. The nurse said most pregnant woman have a really hard time getting the drink down and keeping it down. Orange pop is not my favorite, but it was easy for me to drink at least. Anywho, here's a baby bump picture at 26 weeks:
May17.08_Pregnant 26wks 1 day (25)
Not a whole lot bigger than my 22 weeks pic, but the baby is getting so much stronger. He/she can easily kick the TV remote off of my tummy now. And yes I know all my tummy pics have been headless. It's cuz Tim's never around when I'm taking these and I can't back up far enough from the mirror to get my face and tummy in the same shot.


Skye and Aaron said...

So exciting!!! I love belly pics! Even if they're headless!!!

Kim said...

Congratulations. So good to hear how things are going. Your tummy is so cute. Love to buy those little baby things!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

Love the belly pics! Great blog, by the way!