Monday, April 28, 2008

Bring On Summer!!

So last weekend when we were all digging out from that huge dump of snow here in Southern Alberta, Tim and I had camping on the mind. We bought this:

Apr27.08_1996 Drifter Holiday Trailer (3)
Apr17.08_1996 Drifter Holiday Trailer 017
Apr17.08_1996 Drifter Holiday Trailer 012

Ya, I know we just bought our old trailer last year, but the price was right so we jumped on this one and pulled it home to Stirling in the snow. We thought we'd upgrade with the baby on the way. Now we have more storage, hot water, a full bathroom (with a tub & shower too), a huge fridge, a oven, a real awning, and everything starts up with a push of a button (fridge, stove, hot water, furnace, etc). Plus I can't complain that it's 20 years newer than the last trailer. Now if summer would just hurry up and get here....

Wanna buy our old trailer?


The Whiddens said...

That looks awesome! That is so exciting - I bet you guys can't even wait to go camping in it!

Kim said...

I'm so jealous...I wish we had one.