Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mouse > Dog

My dog ate mouse poison. You know those green blocks that if a mouse eats them they'll die and then dry up and turn to dust (so you don't a find dead stinky mouse) -- like these ones. Did ya notice on their website they warn you to keep it away from dogs & cats. Ooops! Actually, we have no clue how he got into it. It was in one of those metal bait boxes. To be honest we weren't even sure which dog ate it or if they both had some. However the next day it was pretty easy to tell which one had. Dexter was S.I.C.K.! He had a few very bad days. The exterminator said what he ate wasn't enough to kill a dog his size, but boy did it make him sick. He wouldn't eat and yet we really needed him to eat to get the stuff moving through him. I even made a fancy treat for him with some cooked sausages with gravy over it. He wasn't interested. I had to literally spoon feed each bite into him. I felt bad for him, but at the same time I was ticked. Anywho, it's been a week now and he seems to be over it. Dex didn't turn to dust!


Kim said...

So sad. I'm glad that all is well though!

Kendall & Julie Allred said...

Poor puppy! I wonder about dogs sometimes!! They just eat everything!! Hope he is back to his normal self again.