Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Baking

Well I'm trying to do some Christmas baking. I actually really enjoy it. It's just kinda hard finding time to do it in the evenings after work. Anywho, Monday night I started with the Whipped Shortbread and I had problem after problem. I started the dough and I ran out of flour upstairs in my pantry. I didn't worry as I was sure I had a bag or two downstairs in my food storage. I went to check it out and to my surprize I had three bags of sugar and no flour. Now I live out of town so it's not like I can zip over to the grocery store. I started by phoning my Aunt to see if she had answer. Then I called my cousin next door and she said she had some in her food storage that I could us and I said I'd replace it tomorrow. She called me back a minute later and she, like me, only had bags of sugar. She didn't even have one cup. Then I remembered that I keep a little canister of flour near my stove for making gravy (easier than bringing out the huge tub of flour from my pantry). I barley got one cup from it. But it's all good. I continue with the recipe that ends with a pinch of salt. I finished up and put the dough in the fridge and plan to bake it tomorrow as now it's too late and I'm tired. Fast forward to Tuesday (last night)...I bake them all (3.5 dozen) and then do a taste test. THEY WERE HORRIBLE! I don't know how much salt I put in, but it sure was no pinch. My beautiful cookies taste like salt blocks. So I have to toss them out and start all over again tonight. They look yummy though, but don't taste them. I'm starting to think the cookie stuff is not for me.
My Chewy Gingersnaps were much better. Thanks to Tim's sister Rachel for the new recipe. They're wonderful.

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