Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Summer Holiday (Part One)

Tim took some days of work and we headed out for our summer holidays. Our original plan was to spend the entire time in the States, but with me being so close to the end of my pregnancy I was a little too nervous to go there. Didn't need to have the baby outside of Canada. So plans changed.

We went to Chinook Lake in the Crowsnest Pass first. We thought we'd check it out after these guys went there. It was super beautiful (as the Whiddens have shown), but we didn't take any pictures cuz we weren't there long enough. So here's Part One of our Summer Holiday.

Tim was SUPER excited to do some quadding around there. We went with our neighbours. In the morning Tim went out on his quad with the other two guys from Stirling. Less than 30 minutes later I see only two quads coming back to the campsite. I did the quick scan to make sure there were still three guys...check. Then I did the scan to see which of the two quads were coming back...not Tim's. CRAP! Tim limps over to me and our conversation goes like this:

-Are you okay?
-Where's the quad?
-Back there on the trail.
-Why didn't you tow it back?
-It's in pieces.
-Did you roll it?
-So they tell me.
-You don't remember?

So 3 km from the campsite on the first ride of our holidays Tim destroyed his quad. Broken axles, missing tires, broken throttle cable, broken break cable, and tons of cosmetic damage too. And that's the stuff that we could see. We're still waiting to hear from Kawasaki with the actual repair estimate. Gah! But in the end who cares. Tim walked away (or limped away) from a crash that should have hurt him...BAD. And that's all I care about. Quads can be replaced. He didn't have a scratch on him. All he had was a bruised hip, a broken visor on his helmet, and no memory of going for the quad ride (the memory is fuzzy but slowly coming back to him now). The guys say he actually flipped the quad twice went he hit a giant rut in the trail. Needless to say that ended the quadding part of our summer holiday. We winched the broken quad into the back of our truck and went to Jaffray to see my parents.

Jul21.08_Crashed Quad (10)

See those big beefy tires? Just spent close to $400 on them. They only have 5 km on them. And now no quad to put them on. Tim sold them to my dad as it'll be quite a while before we have our quad here again.

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