Saturday, August 09, 2008

Summer Holiday (Part 2)

After dropping off our broken quad in Jaffray Tim and I headed to Montana to spend a few days camping at Dickey Lake and shopping in Kalispell. We camped there last year and loved it.

Tim hanging out at our campsite:
Jul22-25.08_Dickey Lake Camping (10)
Tim snorkeling:
Jul22-25.08_Dickey Lake Camping (6)
My baby bump at about 37 weeks:
Jul22-25.08_Dickey Lake Camping (11)

After spending 3 days there we came back to Jaffray. On Saturday morning us girls and kids drove down to the Farmer's Market, while the guys quadded down (Tim borrowed one of my dad's quads). We had breakfast there and wandered around.
Tim, Dad, and Brendan taking a break:
Jun26.08_Quadding in Jaffray (2)
Tim and Brendan:
Jun26.08_Quadding in Jaffray (3)

And one of the days Tim and I went with Jenn's family to the Bull River Fish Hatchery near Jaffray. The kids always love it there and I wanted to show Tim those giant trout they have. We took a picnic and had a good time.
Tim and I at the fishing pond:
Jul28.08_Fish Hatchery (16)
Jenn's family at the fishing pond:
Jul28.08_Fish Hatchery (18)
Uncle Tim and Jayda trying to touch one of the turtles:
Jul28.08_Fish Hatchery (7)
Just hanging out at the turtle pond:
Jul28.08_Fish Hatchery (2)
Everyone feeding the giant fish:
Jul28.08_Fish Hatchery (1)

We headed home the next day as I had a doctor appointment and Tim had night shift. Guess that's it for our summer holiday. If you want to see more pictures check out the Camping 2008 (Part 3) Photos on the side of our blog.


The Whiddens said...

That looks like tons of fun. I really want to go to that fish hatchery sometime soon. It looks like it's great for kids.

Carrie said...

You look GREAT! So jealous! Your ankles don't look swollen at all and you are so close to being done! (I would notice that!) Glad you two were able to have so much fun before your little one arrives!

Kim said...

LOVE the baby look super tiny in that swimming suit pic. Looks like you are having SO much fun.