Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Week Overdue!

Is it necessary to be a full week overdue? Our baby doesn't want to come out and meet us. My doctor is super surprised that I haven't even felt one contraction yet. Nothing! He says everything looks like I should be in labour soon. He's hesitant on inducing me because he says both the baby and I look very ready. Ready or not...the baby's not coming. I have doctor appointments every couple of days and Non-Stress Tests at the hospital all the time too. Last week Tim said that he thought it would be cool if the baby was born on our anniversary. I thought that seemed like forever away. Well, tomorrow is our anniversary and I can only hope the baby comes then.

Here's me at the hospital for another Non-Stress Test:
Waiting for the results of my Non-Stress Test:

The print-out of the Non-Stress Test. The top row is the baby's heart rate and the bottom row shows whether or not I'm having contractions. See those two peaks? Wohoo two contractions, but I didn't feel them:


Skye and Aaron said...

Oh man do i ever feel for you! I sure hope this little one comes out soon!!!! I'm dying to see pictures and hear about it all!!!! I've got my fingers crossed for you!!!!

Kendall & Julie Allred said...

Oh the joys of going over!! I know them oh so well=) At a week over they sent me for an ultrasound to chek the baby and the fluid. That's when I got the 9 pound baby news!! I am sure that this baby is not going to make you wait too much longer, but getting induced wasn't bad either. I can't wait to here all the news=)

Carrie said...

I sure hope you get to meet this little one soon! I keep coming on here to check on ya! I'm sure you won't have to wait that much longer! Just get PLENTY of sleep while you can!!! You're in my prayers hun! You look GREAT Mamma!

Kim said...

YOU look SO good. I can't wait to hear all about it too! I can't believe you are SO overdue. WOW. Hope you are hanging in there.