Thursday, August 14, 2008

Camping - Payne Lake

A couple of weekends ago we went camping with Trent, Tara, & Blake and Kendall, Julie, & Kyla and Tarren to Payne Lake. We were out in that area for Kyla's Baby Blessing and decided to make a camping trip out of it.

We tried out the canoe Tim just got from a guy at work. I had to trade life jackets with Tim to get one to fit around my belly. Even Tim's was super snug. And my balance in the canoe was terrible. I thought I was going to tip us more than once.
Aug3-5.08_Camping at Payne Lake (6)
Tim and Trent did some fishing. However Tim's first cast went right into the trees when the wind caught it.
Aug3-5.08_Camping at Payne Lake (10)
Went and bought some ice cream and bumped into this family. Their kids so adorable.
We hung out around the fire until Tim fell asleep in his chair cuz he just came off a night shift and hadn't slept. And Tarren hung out by himself around the fire sometimes too (like this picture shows).
Aug3-5.08_Camping at Payne Lake (22)
I had to ice some swollen ankles. Yes, it's a wicked flip-flop tan line that I have. But it's not too noticeable when my feet aren't swollen stumps.
Aug3-5.08_Camping at Payne Lake (32)
Blake hung out with me in the trailer while I iced my feet.
Aug3-5.08_Camping at Payne Lake (29)
Then we had our own fireworks show. Very impressive.
Aug3-5.08_Camping at Payne Lake (35)
Aug3-5.08_Camping at Payne Lake (39)
And on the way home we lost our canoe out of the back of the truck (stupid hook broke). But we found it out in this farmer's field. And lucky for us it didn't hit our truck or trailer.
Aug3-5.08_Camping at Payne Lake (65)

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The Whiddens said...

Payne Lake is super fun, and that's so funny that you ran into the Vartys.
Your swollen anlkes look so awful - I feel so bad for you! And that little guy Blake is seriously the cutest baby ever.
Have you started reading yet? And hey, speaking of Breaking Dawn, if you are still looking for a baby girl name, there's always "Renesmee".... KIDDING! Yech, that's a horrible name :)