Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

The Church had a pumpkin carving contest for the community. It was so much fun getting together with everyone to carve. Kinsey didn't like putting her hand in her little pumpkin. She was happier with a spoon.
Very hard at work.
I asked Kinsey to "smile ice" next to her Cinderella pumpkin and this is what I got.
Mommy & Kinsey with our masterpiece!
She LOVED her Cinderella pumpkin.
Daddy did the Charlie Brown pumpkin.
And here's my little Princess Cinderella trick or treating!Walking around Galloway with her Daddy. Kinsey found her favorite buddies out trick or treating.

Kimmy and I stayed home to hand out candy so Brendan and Tim took Kamry and Kinsey out. I'm told Kinsey was all business. Had it down to an art. Knock knock, "Trick or Treat", they'd put candy in her bag, then fill Kamry's, then Kinsey would put her bag out again and say "More Candy?" and she'd get more. Then it was on to the next door. :)

Loved dressing up my Princess. She sat and let me curl all of her hair. And she loved the make-up and sparkles. She makes me smile!

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Francis Family said...

Great pumpkins! I love the cinderella one. You guys are pros and looks like your passing it on to your daughter! ;)
She looks so cute dressed up. I love that we got to see Kamry in Cardston in her costume, she is getting so big!