Friday, October 29, 2010

Potty Magic!

Kinsey has totally rocked this potty training thing! For months now she has been using the potty here and there. I wasn't trying to potty train her, just get her used to the toilet. So she would always pee before baths or before putting a fresh diaper on before bed and times like that. I wasn't ready for the potty training thing when we lived in a holiday trailer. But we're feeling pretty settled in our new house so Kinsey and I went to town and bought some special panties. She was excited.

We started with pull-ups and candies. This did not work! I think the pull-ups just felt like diapers to her and candy isn't really a prize for Kinsey (she gets to have treats anyways). So we stopped for a few days. Then we started brand new with panties and Princess stickers. Amazing! We only had 3 days of accidents (which is pretty amazing cuz Kinsey drinks so much and she also poops 5-7 times a day). And by day 4 she was fantastic all day. And she's never had any accidents at night. The first few days she woke up early (for us) cuz she said she had to pee, but no she sleeps her normal schedule and still no accidents. She's really got this figured out! I'm so proud of her. Princess stickers were the best. She loved them!

Then it was time to leave our house. I was nervous. But on day 6 we headed to Kalispell for a day of shopping. No accidents all day! Awesome eh? Like I said...Kinsey has totally rocked this potty training thing.

She gets the "reading in the bathroom" thing from her daddy. The princess dress over top of her mis-matched pajamas is just a bonus.
And sometimes when you fall asleep on the drive home from Kalispell it's very hard to stay awake and pee on the potty before getting into bed.
She had to have a little rest while peeing. Mommy held her head up. Her potty chart is full of Princess stickers. And now we're making up spots on the chart to put the stickers. She loves it. I honestly would've thought that candy would have worked better than stickers. But not for this princess loving little girl.

So I'm a bit worried about her trick or treating with no potty nearby. I hope she does well. She's so good at home now and it's only been a week and a half. I remind her lots to go, but every now and again I walk by the bathroom and see her with her pants to her ankles doing the shuffle walk to the potty all by herself. We have a lot of leftover diapers and pull-ups. Guess I'll just put them in storage with the outgrown clothes. :)

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Skye and Aaron said...

I am so jealous...we're so not close to potty training yet...ah'll come sooner or later...right?! Way to go Kinsey!!!