Saturday, October 02, 2010

Getting Settled!

Well we're getting settled. Got a TON to do still, but it's coming along. Still working on cleaning, unpacking, and painting. Some days the house looks like a complete disaster! But we're loving it. I was surprised how quickly Kinsey is adjusting. It was only the first 2 nights that she asked to go and sleep in "Kinsey trailer" and then we got her room set up and she loves her new bed. Anyone that comes to visit she asks "You see Kinsey room?" And she's loving that we found all her toys's like Christmas. haha

We went to the parade for the Jaffray Fall Fair! Kinsey got way too much candy. We didn't stay for long cuz it was freezing and we had to go to town that day and pick out carpet for our new house.
Way too happy to have her Dora couch back. Felt like "home" I suppose and she fell right asleep.Kinsey can't get enough of her new big corner bathtub. She loves it. I have a very hard time getting her out. I keep asking her if she's done and she replies, "My still swimming Mommy!"She was very helpful when I was trying to put all her clothes away. And occasionally I find her hiding in there with the stuff all pulled out of the bottom shelf.We love the island. I want a bigger one (one day) but for now we love love love having an island. And Kinsey loves eating her breakfast up there while watching cartoons. (Just like at Auntie Jenn's house.)Having cousins near by is THE BEST! And we're working on the potty thing. It's coming. Some days are much better than others. :)And we got to go to "Jayda and Parker School" and join them for the Terry Fox Run.
So the house is getting put together. We're so happy. Took us a week and a half before we got our satellite tv to work. Too many trees around here to get a good signal. But we finally found a clear shot and it's wonderful to have tv again (just in time to watch Grey's the other day). And last night we finally got internet. Wohoo! I'm painting the living room and kitchen today. I'm so excited.

To me it doesn't quite feel like "home" just yet, but I'm sure that'll just take a bit. Cuz living in Jaffray really feels like home to me!

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Skye and Aaron said...

Holy smokes i've missed a lot of your posts! For some reason they didn't show up on my blog. You guys have been super busy!!! Happy Birthday to Kinsey! And congrats on your new place! Looks like you guys are having a great time!