Monday, October 11, 2010

Life at Our House

Painting, unpacking, painting, cleaning, and more painting. The paint fumes in this house are insane. But it's much better than what the house smelled like when we bought it. We're getting lots done. We're finished painting in the entrance, living room, dining room, and kitchen. It's been a lot of work. And I'm actually getting stuff put away and finding a "home spot" for them. It's really starting to look and feel like home.

We had some helpers come over for a painting party.
And Kinsey was so excited when Mommy finally gave her a paintbrush!

There was so much paint on the floor. :)
And we're exhausted. But loving our new home.

Now I'm off to scrub the floors and stuff a turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Anderson Family said...

It looks great! I love the colors that you chose. Kinsey is so cute painting. You can tell she was really excited to finally get that paintbrush in her hand! Lovin' the pictures!