Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 29th Timmy!

Today is Tim's 29th Birthday! We did three different parties. First we had a birthday breakfast Saturday morning. While Tim was working afternoon shift we decorated. When he got home at midnight the kitchen was all ready for the breakfast. Okay I admit, the decorations were more for me than for Tim. hehe

Then we did a birthday dinner here at home on Sunday with cake and candles and such. On his actual birthday we went out for dinner. Three parties! Kinsey and I got him a new BBQ for his birthday. We totally surprised him. Oh ya we're sneaky cuz I love a good surprise.

Happy Birthday Tim! We love you to pieces!


The Rasmussen 3 said...

Oh Timmy!! We totally fooled you too with your birthday surprise!! Hehe!
Thanks for the great parties guys! it was great fun!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday...one more year until you reach the hill.