Monday, April 06, 2009

Zoo Much Fun

We took Kinsey to the Zoo for the first time. We went up to Okotoks with Trent, Tara, and Blake and spent a few days with Julie, Kendall, and Kyla at their house. They were such great hosts. They even put up with my sick (and crying) baby. The six of us took our babies to the Zoo on Saturday. It was a little chilly, but was actually pretty nice out for April. Kinsey wasn’t really excited about the Zoo. She’s still pretty tiny to grasp the animal thing. She fell asleep within the first half hour and slept till we were ready to leave – hours later. But Tim and I still liked the Zoo. We hadn’t been since a week after our wedding. I’m sure we’ll get to go many more times with Kinsey.

Kinsey & Mommy with the Lions:
In the Dinosaur area:

The girls and the babies:

The gang:

My backseat buddies - Kinsey & Blake. I tried getting a picture (but wasn't fast enough), but sometimes I'd look over and they'd be holding hands. It was way too cute. You can see in this pic that Kinsey just pulled her hand away.

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The Whiddens said...

Looks like a blast! Have you noticed Zoo's are always way more fun once you have kids? Even when they're still little and have no clue what's going on, it's still more fun :)