Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Poor Kinsey

Kinsey has been so sick this last week. It has not been fun. I feel so bad for her. I took her to the doctor yesterday and I really thought he'd just send me away saying that she just has a cold. But not the case. She has a middle ear infection in both ears. Ouch! I guess that would explain why she's been on painkillers for days now. So she's got a bad cold, a double ear infection, and she's teething (lucky her second tooth cut through the other day). We're exhausted. We haven't been sleeping. And I can't keep blankets on Kinsey. She has these bicycle legs that kick all blankets off. And she's so wiggly. She's all over in her crib. I checked on her at 6:00 this morning and this is how I found her:
When I placed her in her crib her feet were at the other end and she was sleeping on her back. She's a crazy sleeper. And thank goodness we got the King bed. She joined us in bed this morning and this is how she flipped around. She'll toss and turn till she gets on her tummy. So we have this big bed and she sleeps sideways on one size and Tim and I "cuddle" on the other side. And my nose was right by her peed diaper. Lovely smell to sleep next to.
But I'm so not complaining cuz at least she was sleeping. We've been up for hours in the night with her coughing, ear aches, snotty noses, and gooey eyes. My poor Kinsey. I hope she's better soon.

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The Whiddens said...

Aw, poor little thing. Nothing is worse than seeing your own kid sick :(
She IS a crazy sleeper! King bed or not, how do you get any sleep when she's in bed with you?