Monday, March 09, 2009

Cushiony Love

So we did what most people think is the most ridiculous thing to possibly do. We put carpet in our house....well in our living room and up the stairs. The carpet layer guy came to our house and looked at our empty living room then turned to me and said, "Please tell me I'm going upstairs." I told him that the living room was where we were putting the carpet. And this is how the rest of the conversation went:

Carpet Guy: So you want me to cover your hardwood floor?
Me: Yes.
Carpet Guy: Your brand new hardwood floor?
Me: Yes.
Carpet Guy: Your sight finished hardwood floor?
Me: Yes.
Carpet Guy: Your beautiful hardwood floor?
Me: I know. We're crazy!

But I love it! It took a bit for me to get used to it, but now I just love it. Kinsey loves it too. Now she likes to play on the floor (we got the thick cushiony padding) and with her now sitting it doesn't hurt so much when she tips over. My house doesn't echo so much now. It's nice. And the stairs are no longer slippery. Those things were beautiful, but they were a death trap. The carpet has already been broken in. Blake peed on it the very first day - he's lucky he's cute! Just kidding, well sorta - he only got a few drips on the carpet.

But we didn't get rid of all the hardwood. Our hallways, kitchen, dining room, and upstairs are still hardwood. And the carpet guy was very careful not to damage the floor in our living room. So we can pull the carpet up and have the hardwood back one day.


Skye and Aaron said...

You're a smart girl! I HATE hardwood with little ones...Stratton has put a dent and scratch in i think pretty much every board up in our kitchen..It just doesn't work with little kids!

The Anderson Family said...

I love your carpet!! Is that the shagg!! We have stuff like that in are basement and the really think under lay. So soft and cushy. I really like how you did your stairs. Can't wait to see it in person. We'll be down the beginning of april.

Francis Family said...

I totally agree, my sister just put new hardwood in her house before they had their baby and she hates it cuz it's so hard for him. But it looks great!!

TnT-B. Rasmussen said...

OH!!! I love the Stairs! Love Love Love! Can I get new Carpet!?

Shaylan and Traci said...

Carpet is much easier to clean. I would hate having to mop all that hardwood. Yuck. The carpet looks good though!