Wednesday, October 01, 2008

One Month Later

So back in April I told you that I'm a stomach sleeper, but with being pregnant I had to give that up. No problem right? Totally worth the trade. Well, Kinsey's turned one month old yesterday and I have to say I WAS a stomach sleeper, but not anymore. I now spend my nights sleeping on my back (I hate sleeping on my back) with my baby in my arms.

Tim and I were not going to have our baby in bed with us. Oh how we changed. We have this little girl that refuses to sleep on her own. Mommy and Daddy were very tired at nights trying to get her to sleep in her crib or cradle. We gave up. And after a month of sleepless nights Tim took the cradle out of our bedroom cuz we all know Kinsey won't use it and I'm tired of tripping on it and squishing around it. It was not fulfilling its purpose. It was just in the way. haha

I know we're not supposed to sleep with our babies. Trust me I know. But I just couldn't get Kinsey back to sleep in her own bed after she woke up to eat. I honestly tried -- for one full month.

I can't believe Kinsey's a month old already. At times it feels like it was just yesterday that I was impatiently waiting for her to arrive, but then at the same time it feels like she's always been here with us. We love her so much. I love being a mommy. It's priceless. I took Kinsey to be weighed and measured yesterday. In one month she went from 8lbs 8oz to 9lbs 15oz and she's an inch longer now. She's growing too fast. I want her to stay tiny forever.
So tell me your tricks? How do you get your baby to sleep in his/her own bed?


Francis Family said...

Oh I remember those nights with Kyla. She slept with us a few times, but not every night. I am breastfeeding and I feed them in our room, since that is where they got put to bed since they were born so they know that room as the 'bedtime room'. I feed them in the dark and quiet, then Dustin puts them into bed when they are pretty much asleep. I remember going into Kyla's room over and over to put her soother in or rock her. I had to rock her right to sleep for a couple months. Hopefully its a phase and she'll grow out of it. Try putting her in her own room, she is a month old now and she might need that. I put all my kids by 6 weeks in their room cuz I was hearing them all night and it woke me up all the time. I also read that they like the smell of you so get a blanket or something and you sleep on it or get it to smell like you, then put it right beside her or wrap her in it and then she thinks you are there. I'll read it again and see how they say to do it and i'll let you know...good luck! Oh and I know how it feels in the night when you just don't care what you have to do as long as you get to sleep, don't worry your not the only one. ;)

Carrie said...

That's exactly what we ended up doing with Chloe! We finally found something that would help us sleep better at night, because even though you're getting better sleep than before you still don't get the GREATEST sleep with a baby in your arms! At least that's how it was for us! We bought the SnuggleNest. You put it in your bed between you and your hubby, the baby still feels close to you and you can take care of her sooo much easier! I was a side sleeper and this let me sleep on my side again. When Chloe was a baby she liked to fall asleep holding my hand and this made it easy to do that. She also would open her eyes every now and then to make sure that I was still there and as soon as she saw me close by she'd close those little eyes of hers again and fall right back asleep! Seriously! You have to check this out!

It even has a little night light attatched so you could turn that on instead of having to get up to turn on the lamp when she needs feeding!

Also, using this made it easier to transition her to her crib. When we got tired of sharing our bed we put the SnuggleNest in her crib. She slept in that inside her crib! I guess you could say that we tricked her into her crib! When she got used to that she did GREAT on her own! Every baby is different! Some need more coaxing than others! Good luck Mommy!

Heather said...

We did the same thing with my first 2 boys. They slept in our bed until about 10 months (Bad i know!!) But we got sleep that way. My 3rd sleeps in her crib. but we did cry it out at 5 months (tried it with the boys, they both cried 4-5 hours.. so it didnt work) Every baby is different. As long as all of you are getting sleep, that is all that matters. Also her dress in the bottom picture is BEAUTIFUL!!! Where did you get it?

The Nilsson Family said...

Her dress was a gift, but I'm pretty sure it's from Target. I think that's what the tag said.

And thanks for the "tricks" everyone. I'm up for trying anything.

Jen said...

We are doing the same thing here. Dominic has his good night and bad nights. Some nights he sleeps in his bassinet. Other nights he ends up in bed with me. At this point we are doing what we have to do for us all to get some sleep. I will worry about moving him to his bed later. Same thing happened with Elizabeth and she turned out ok :) I am all for doing what needs to be done for everyone to sleep right now. She is adorable momma! You guys are doing a great job.

Skye and Aaron said...

I don't have any tricks to tell ya! I'm sorry! But during those nights when you're just dying to sleep, tell yourself that the day will come that you would do anything to have that little baby in your arms again....even if she's not sleeping. :) They grow up way too fast!!! She's just a doll!!!