Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They Grow Too Fast!

A week ago I took Kinsey to her doctor's appt for her follow-up. At 7 weeks old she was 11lbs 2oz and 23.5" long. Her weight is in the normal range, but her length...that puts her in the 100th percentile. The doctor says she's gonna be one tall girl! Mama always said she had grasshopper legs. Kinsey and I went to Jaffray for a few days last week. We got to hang out with Auntie Jenn, Jayda, Parker, & Danyca during the day and Mama & Bupbup in the evenings. It was fun! We originally thought Danyca was always trying to get to Kinsey to "see the baby", but it turns out she was just trying to steal Kinsey's soother instead.

Mama giving Kinsey a bath (don't worry - we didn't use the Sunlight to wash her):

While in Jaffray we were able to go over and meet Kinsey's new little friend Desiree.
Kinsey (1.5 mths), Danyca (9 mths), & Desiree (2 days):
Kinsey is so much fun now. She's really started interacting a lot more with us lately. She's always cooing. I've been able to record it on my cell phone, but have had no luck getting any video of her cooing. As soon as the camera comes out she stops looking at Mommy and therefore talking to Mommy and does a blank stare at the camera. It's so funny!


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the reason kids grow so fast is so that you will hurry and have more?