Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm a stomach sleeper. These days I'm not. It's very hard on me. I still find myself trying each night to somehow sleep on my tummy -- however the baby hates it, it hurts a bit, it's not comfortable, and I feel like I'm high-centered. I've resorted to sleeping half on my side and half on my stomach with a knee up (in Tim's back - ooops) and a pillow to keep from putting all my weight on my stomach. The baby lumps out to the side and then kicks all night long. It's also not comfortable. But, I'll trade in my tummy sleeping habit for this little one ANY DAY!

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Kim said...

I would like to tell you it gets better. It doesn't. :( But once that baby is out and you are home, you'll sleep SO good. (Between feedings anyway!) Good luck...body pillow?