Monday, September 22, 2008

Kinsey's Blessing Day & Smiles

Wow, I'm finding it very hard to get some free time to update our blog. I have no clue how someone with little twins and a toddler can do it. I can't keep up and I only have one baby. But I do keep updating the Kinsey Photos album on the side of our blog. So keep checking that.

Kinsey's 3 weeks old now. Time if zipping by and she's growing so much. She's such a good little girl. We love her so much. She smiled yesterday for the first time at her daddy. Love it! I tried to video it today and I kept missing it. But I finally did get it on video, but I apologize for the spit-up at the end of the video. hehe What can ya do eh?

A couple of weekends ago the three of us went into Jaffray to visit Mama & Bupbup (my mom & dad) and the rest of our family. My mom and sister Jenn hosted a baby shower for us there. And on Sunday Kinsey wore her first dress. Actually her first dress was the dress that I was blessed in 26 years ago. Pretty neat eh?

Kinsey (left) and Mommy (right) in Mommy's blessing dress:

And yesterday we had Kinsey's Baby Blessing. I loved the entire day! Kinsey slept through all of it (perfect). Tim gave her such a beautiful blessing. We had such great support from our family and friends for Kinsey. Mama bought Kinsey her blessing dress and it was so beautiful. She looked like a little princess. Auntie Kimmy made her a blessing blanket and Auntie Jenn bought her the little bracelet. Auntie B (Britnee) took me shopping all day Saturday to pick out a new mommy outfit. The day was so perfect. I couldn't have hoped for anything better. (More pics in the Kinsey Photos album.)


Carrie said...

She really is a beauitful little princess! I love it when they start to smile! Great job on catching it on video! I was never so lucky! LOL!

Jen said...

What a beautiful family you have! I love the picture of you leaning down kissing her. It's beautiful! Thank you for sharing all these special moments with us.

moosh in indy. said...

How sweet! I'm just oozing with the delicious sweetness. So cute.