Monday, June 23, 2008

Camping, Gophers, & Horses!

I've been super busy and didn't get the chance to update our blog last week. Two weekends ago we went camping with Trent, Tara, and Blake at Woolford Provincial Park. It's not too far from here, but it was nice to get away. It was super quiet there. Only a few other people there in the entire campground.

Our Woolford Campsite:
Uncle Tim is great at putting Blake to sleep:
Jun13-15.08_Woolford Camping (1)

Saturday afternoon we went into Cardston and met up with Julie, Kendall, and baby Kyla. We were so excited to finally meet Kyla. She's beautiful.

Then all of us headed out to Trent's parent's farm to check on our horses. Tim moved Jet out there late winter. Tim worked a bit with Jet in the round pen. He's now 2 years old (time flies eh?). Jet looks a ton like his mom Felize. And Tara's horse just had a little colt the weekend before.
Tim working with Jet:
Jun14.08_Jet (23)
Having a rest:
Jun14.08_Jet (38)
I got tired of taking pictures of Tim and Jet so decided to take a pic of my shadow.
Here's my baby bump at 30 weeks:
Jun14.08_Pregnant 30wks 1day (1)

And OF COURSE if you're out at the farm, then a little (or a lot of) gopher hunting is a must. Tim, Trent, and Kendall loved it. The field was full of gophers. After the first few hours the wives and babies got tired. The guys went out for another hour. Silly boys!

Ready, Aim, FIRE!
Jun14.08_Gopher Hunting (4)
Hmmm, I wonder who got that one?
To check out more pictures from the weekend go to our Photo Albums on the left of this page. Click on both Camping 2008 (Part 1) and Summer 2008.


The Whiddens said...

I love the picture of your shadow. You are too cute, ya little mama :)
You've had some busy weekends. Looks like so much fun!

Kim said...

Love the shadow pic. Looks like you guys had a bunch of fun.