Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Waterton Lakes National Park

I know you'll be shocked to hear that last weekend we went camping...again. Ya, we love it. This time we met up with my family in Waterton. We had AMAZING weather and tons of fun (minus the mosquitoes).

Our campsite that we shared with Kimmy & Brendan:
Jun20-22.08_Waterton Camping (246)

Saturday afternoon we went to Red Rock Canyon. Usually we climb into the water and hike all up the canyon. I'm not so agile these days, so I we passed on that. We did the little hike that goes along the top of the canyon (instead of in the water).

Just me looking very pregnant (31 weeks):
Jun20-22.08_Waterton Camping (139)
Tim taking the dogs down into the canyon:
Jun20-22.08_Waterton Camping (142)

Then we went by the horseback riding stables (Brendan's aunt runs the place). Jayda and Parker each went for a little ride while the rest of us tried to find some shade.

Me and Mom watching Jayda & Parker ride:
Jun20-22.08_Waterton Camping (174)
Parker waiting with Uncle Tim for his turn on the horse:
Jun20-22.08_Waterton Camping (161)

And what's a trip to Waterton if you don't take a picture by Cameron Falls? However I've NEVER seen the falls this big before. It's cuz we had too much rain this June!! There was another little hike to the top of the falls and once again I made it. Luckily we stopped about 101 times on the way up to take pictures and I was able rest.

Tim and I used a picture just like this of us on our wedding invitations (with me a few pounds less though):
Jun20-22.08_Waterton Camping (189)

We then had to take the dogs down to Waterton Lake and let them swim. It was also a great opportunity for me to ice my swollen ankles in that freezing glacier water. It worked, the swelling went down....some. (It was on the beach of Waterton Lake where Tim asked me to be his wife over 4 years ago.)

The water was so cold it burned (make sense?):
Jun20-22.08_Waterton Camping (217)

And we rented the bikes. You know THE bikes in Waterton. Those funny looking ones. So much fun. However Tim and Brendan wanted to race all the time and my legs just couldn't keep up to the fast peddling. So I let Tim do most of the work.

Sweet bike eh?
Jun20-22.08_Waterton Camping (137)

Let's not forget to mention the bears in Waterton. I don't think I've EVER been to Waterton when I haven't seen a bear. This time was no exception. There was this hill in our campground that the guys (along with Jayda and Parker) would climb up there and look for bears. Brendan spotted a ton of them throughout the weekend. I lost count after he said 8.

I finally made it to the top of the hill to look for bears too. Jayda came and sat with me.
Jun20-22.08_Waterton Camping (256)
Tim just hanging out:
Jun20-22.08_Waterton Camping (221)

I took way more pictures so check out our photo album Camping 2008 (Part 2).


The Whiddens said...

Looks like fun! I guess that's a pretty good halfway point to meet your family at, hey?
That is so cute that Tim proposed there AND your wedding invite pics were taken there. It's a cute little memory every time you visit :)

Skye and Aaron said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Love all the pictures!!!

Mike Peterson said...

Looks fun. And you look fairly pregnant.

I like that you post lots of pictures all the time.

moosh in indy. said...

Hold 'em in another six weeks BUT HOLY COW! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!