Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snip Snip

I was needing a change in more ways than not. I have a lovely waddle, a big belly, and I'm "puffy". Not feeling so hot these days. I phoned my hairdresser. Maybe new hair would give me a boost I had a bunch cut off and decided I needed to be blonde for the summer.

Jun10.08_New Hair & Pregnant 29wks 4days (24)
And while I'm trying to use the timer to take some pics of myself, I might as well throw in a baby bump one. Here it is at 29.5 weeks:
Jun10.08_New Hair & Pregnant 29wks 4days (14)


The Whiddens said...

Cute hair Ashlee! That'll be so nice for the summer.
And your belly is looking so cute. 10 more weeks!!!! Yay!

Skye and Aaron said...

So cute! I love the hair, and the belly of course! Not too much longer!

moosh in indy. said...

WHEE! You're a beautiful lady Mrs. Preggo.

Kendall & Julie Allred said...

The hair is great, it always make me feel better to have 'new' hair. And I love the belly, you are getting so close!!

Kim said...

What a beautiful lady...with a beautiful bump...and a beautiful new doo!

Carrie said...

Love everything! Love your hair and love the baby bump! You pull off pregnancy beautifully!